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Hanging Out With Some Friends


Happy Weekend –

It’s finally here. It took a long time to make its appearance, didn’t it? I hope everyone has some fantastic plans of fun and relaxation. 

 I might help mom relax enough that perhaps we can take a nap together a couple of times over the weekend.  Then I might help her in the kitchen cooking.  I love weekends because we do a lot of this together.

Then we will probably watch some shows on the Netflix que.  My movies are getting behind.  There are a couple of Disney movies that mom wants to watch also.  She’s a big Disney fan.  No, let me take that back.  She’s a HUGE Disney fan.  Really.  Mickey Mouse is in every room of our house somewhere hiding watching you.  Dad has kind of gotten used to it. 

Do you recognize any of the feet above?  I showed it to mom and she knew every one of them.  That’s my mommy.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully long weekend.  Let me know what you do.

XOXO – Bacon


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