Snow in the South – Snort LOL

17 Jan

20130117-075609.jpg When me and mom were watching the news this morning during our morning mommy/piggy bonding time, we saw the most awesome thing on television.  The news person said a four lettered word.  Mom says it’s not really a bad word unless you use in the context that the weather person did… you know like… “There’s a possiblity of snow”.  Thud.

Mommy says this picture is *exactly* how we are in the south when it comes to snow.  Snort – she started telling me stories about snow in the south.  We shut down.  We can’t exist.  Heck, you mention the upcoming “S” word and the grocery stores are bombarded.  Mom says that milk and bread fly off the shelves faster than Superman chasing a speeding bullet. 

I’ve never seen the white stuff myself.  I’ve heard it’s really, really cold.  I’m not much into cold but I think I would like to see it, at least through my bedroom window.  Mom even showed me this picture that she took a couple of years ago of our front yard.  It doesn’t even look the same with all of that white stuff!

Can you believe that snow in the south in GEORGIA?! I could just see myself bouncing around out there in it playing.  But then again, that would be out ‘there’ and nature would get on me.  I might have to rethink that.

Talk to you later – Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 

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One response to “Snow in the South – Snort LOL

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs

    01/17/2013 at 4:20 pm

    I think that picture would do well here in South Africa at the mention of snow 😀 Very funny.


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