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Sending Cyber Hugs to a Great Weekend

Here’s jumping into a great, wonderfully long weekend.  Hope you get plenty of rest and play time with your parents.  We’re never too old to get loving from mom and dad.  Play some games, eat some snacks, watch some football and snore some.  I’m sure we will be doing our share in the front room at the Hotel Thompson.



I don’t know if I have said it lately but I really appreciate my cyber friends.  Your support, love and encouragement keep this little miniature pot bellied pig going on and on like the Duracell bunny.  I enjoy writing my blog and I hope that *you* enjoy reading the entertainment.   Without you, it would just be written words out on the internet limbo without a home.  You, my fellow friends, make it a home.  I love you all – Hogs and Kisses – Bacon!

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