Trouble at Hotel Thompson – Time for the Crime

10 Jan

Sometimes it’s not all glitter and sparkles at Hotel Thompson.  Believe it or not, sometimes I get into trouble.  Mom believes whole heartedly that if you do the crime – you serve the time.  And trust me, I have served the time at the Hotel Thompson. 

Sometimes all you hear is the good things and for the most part I am sweet Bacon.  But there are the times that I can be deviled Ham.  Usually in the winter time, I hibernate and don’t cause trouble.  Living in the south though, you don’t know what season it is.  Although it says it suppose to be Winter, sometimes it feels like Spring or Fall.  Then, you throw in the elements of rain and you might as well call it a day. 

My biggest problem at the Hotel Thompson is that I “know” what is right and what is wrong.  Mom compares me at times to a two year old.  I have to push my boundaries.  I need to know how far I can go without getting in trouble.  Usually though, when mom says NO and then starts counting, uh oh you’re in trouble and it’s too late.  And if she makes it to three when counting, you’re going to serve some time for the crime.

Take last night.  I was in the kitchen with mom supervising her dinner preparations.  I went over to the garbage can and butted it with my snout.  I was looking straight at mom when I did it and heard her say no.  It’s kind of like the movie Finding Nemo where Nemo touches the boat when his dad says no.  You’re going to do it anyway.  One time butting the garbage can, I was forgiven but scornfully told no. 

The second time I butted in, mom fussed at me and said I was pushing it and there better not be a third time.  Well, you see that is moms fault there.  She challenged me.  I have to accept that challenge.  She’s cooking dinner.  What could she possibly do in the middle of that if I did it again, right?

The third time I butted it, it was over.  Now remember there was nothing in the garbage can I wanted.  I just wanted to see how much I could push mom.  I just had a wild hair in me.  I’ve never seen mom move so fast!  She had me corralled and in no time I was in my room being ignored by mom.  I cried.  I yelled.  I snorted.  I barked.  Nothing.  Mom completely ignored me.  No treats.  No loving.  No nothing.

Being ignored by mommy is the worse!  After dinner when I came back out, she still ignored me.  I hate that.  I changed my rotten ways really quick and got back on track.  I snuggled with her and loved on her.  When mom put me to bed that night, we had a little prayer meeting about my behavior.  I knew I was wrong.  Sometimes I just need a little direction and correction… you know just like a regular kid.

That’s why it doesn’t happen often but when it does I’m almost piggy evil about it.  But you don’t do that, do you?  Tell me I’m not the only one that pushes the limits with their parents.


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2 responses to “Trouble at Hotel Thompson – Time for the Crime

  1. heyitsjethere

    01/10/2013 at 9:32 am

    Hey Bacon, Jet here.

    I used to test more, however, as I’ve matured, I’m more chill. Little Miss Curiosity, Can’t Help Herself tends to test the boundaries. She may be older in years, however, she’s younger in time spent at Casa Jet.

    Bacon, we did have a chuckle at your descriptions… not at your expense, simply at your marvelous expressions!

    • PigLove

      01/10/2013 at 9:36 am

      Why thank you Jet. I really appreciate that. I get kind of colorful and talk really Southern when upset.


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