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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

I’m sorry darling to be showing you my most private pictures but I need to do something.  I’m sure your mother would not allow you to continue lying in such a small sleeping quarter.  Am I right?  I do believe I have outgrown this petty little thing they call a ‘bed’.  I need a bed made for the Egyptian kitty I am.  What say you?  Signed Cleopatra

Dear Cleopatra,

Surely that is not your bed princess.  Someone of such high feline equality must have something just as luxurious to lay themselves down at night.  You deserve it all – canopy with curtains and everything.  Please show your master this blog.  Only the best for the Queen!

20130108-024432.jpgDear Bacon,

I swear it wasn’t all me.  My master left me alone for an extreme period of time without food and toys.  Really, we can throw a lot of the blame on him, right?  The couch showed resistance.  I had to show it who was in charge.  Signed Spots

Dear Spots,

I won’t even ask what the consequence of that challenge was with your master.  You should have taken a picture of his face when he saw it.  I’m sure it would have been pricesless.  Take it from me, blaming the master for something you did stupid just doesn’t fly. 


Dear Bacon,

It was like this.  I was looking in the closet as mom got dressed.  Clothes were hanging off of these weird looking things.  I’ve seen those before but just not up close.  I got in to investigate because you know that’s what I do, I’m a cat and I’m curious.  Next thing you knew, I was stuck.  It took a few minutes for me to call mom and this is how she found me.  After she got done laughing and taking pictures, she helped me out.  Have you ever done anything stupid?  Signed Curiosity

Dear Curiosity,

WOW!  That is a predicament to get jammed up in and get stuck.  I myself have been in tight places as well.  One time I went behind the couch where mom had put a pillow so I couldn’t get back there.  Well I jumped the pillow and would have been fine if it wasn’t for my darn pot bellied pig.  All you could see was my butt and hind legs up in the air moving.  Mom did the same.  She laughed, took pictures and then rescued me.  Thank goodness for moms, huh?

Dear Bacon,

I got caught.  It’s as simple as that.  You know when your parents put you to bed and you try to sneak back out to watch television or to get a snack.  Dad was around the corner and caught me with his camera.  Darn those cameras!  Have you ever gotten caught doing the same?  Signed Walking Tall

Dear Walking Tall,

Well, not for sneaking out to watch television.  I have my own television in my room.  But one night, I did sneak out into the kitchen after everyone had went to bed.  Mom thought someone had broken into the house.  I even got as far as getting into the freezer since ours is on the bottom of the big cold box.  Just my luck – everything was frozen.  She did catch me licking ice cubes in the middle of the floor.  How much fun was that!


Dear Bacon,

So much for you being the only ‘strange’ pet that someone has.  Our parents rehabilitate owls.  This is my family that was rescued from the woods.  You know our eyes glow in the dark.  How would you like to wake up to that in the middle of the night?  LOL – Signed The Who

Dear The Who,

WOW – Don’t your heads turn all the way around too?  Now that would be wicked fun!  I think it would be a hoot to be in the same house – LOL – drum roll – HA HA HA  Good luck on that rehabilitation my friends.


Dear Bacon,

Bet you never met hamsters like us before.  We are a circus act.  We use an apple so we thought that might get your attention.  My two bro’s hold the apple, I stand on it and then hula hoop.  Hey man, it’s a lot of talent.  You don’t think so?  Try it sometimes fat boy – oh that’s right you can’t because of that big belly.  Giggles… Signed Tres Amigos

Dear Tres Amigos,

No my friends I can’t hula hoop.  But, I can eat that apple and make you fall.  Snort – no seriously that does look like fun.  What circus are you in?  The flea circus?  Animals Gone Wild Circus?  LOL


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