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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Mommy said that today is your day, it’s your birthday.  Do a little dance…shake your tail…jump up and down – it’s your birthday!

For today, me, mom and the purr things will do everything for you.  You don’t have to worry about lifting a finger… I’ve heard that’s a good thing because with your age you may break it – drum roll. LOL

Mommy will feed me, take care of me and cuddle me.  You can actually have custody of the remote and watch whatever you want to on television.  Mommy even said she will fix your special birthday dinner tonight – all of your favorites.  This is your special day daddy – enjoy it to the max!

I also wanted to tell you daddy that I love you.  I thank you every day for you and mom adopting me.  I appreciate you taking care of me and playing with me, putting a roof over my head and food in my piggy plate.  I love you daddy!


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