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My Typical Day at Hotel Thompson, Part I

I’m older now so my routine at the Hotel Thompson has changed just a little in my normal day to day activities.  I thought I would share with you what my typical day is like, just so you can know me better.  Now that I’ve matured some – cough, cough I can’t believe I said that with a straight snout – I’m not as excitable as I once was.  I’ve kind of grown accustomed to my home and in running things.  It’s just a challenge some days of still letting the humans ‘think’ they run things – snort.   

This will be a two part posting.  I’ll post what I do the first part of the day today and the second part of the day will follow the next day.  So, here we go:

  • 6:30AM – I’m mom’s alarm clock during the week.  She hasn’t had to set her alarm clock to get up for work since the day she brought me home a little over a year ago.  Isn’t that awesome?!  I snort and squeal to get her up for the worky place, isn’t that nice of me to wake her up like that?  She calls me her Bacon alarm.  You can imagine being in a deep sleep and having me go off so early in the morning at a high pitch.  It has to be an unusual wake up call but mom has gotten used to it by now.  I’m also calling her for breakfast.  A piglet in the wild would do the same thing, call their mother for food.  She just gets a bonus of a Bacon alarm clock as well.
  • 7:00AM – Mommy/piggy time.  After I eat my breakfast of piggy chow and cheerios, I snuggle with mom on the sofa and we watch the morning news together.  What I don’t understand, she explains to me.  I especially love the traffic – I love all of those flashing lights on the television. 
  • 7:30AM – Mom takes me back to my room for my morning siesta and she gets ready for the worky place.  Usually by the time she leaves the house, I’m in a deep sleep.  Sometimes Hemi the purr thing will come in my room and sleep with me in the morning time.  It all depends if he is still sleepy from the night. 
  • 10:00AM – I finally wake up from my siesta.  I stumble into the front room to find daddy for my mid morning snack.  I burn a lot of energy dreaming of running in my sleep and need nourishment.  I find him and he usually gives me some kind of fruit.  On good days, I’m lucky and get cut up watermelon.  I love watermelon, especially the rind and juice.  I always want more but mom and dad always tells me that a snack is a snack, not a meal.  Sigh, I still beg for more.  It’s what I do.
  • 10:15AM – It’s time for the exercise.  It’s a dreaded thing in my life but I have to keep up with this fantastic body.  It takes a lot of hard work and diligence.  My dad goes to the workout room and hits the treadmill and I run throughout the house.  Dad has mentioned putting me on the treadmill to get my run in but mom keeps shooting him down.  I think one day it may happen.  You know what they say about what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her – snort.  I run up and down the halls, throughout the rooms, in the laundry room and through the kitchen.  Sometimes me and Hemi play tag and chase each other.  During this running, I bark, squeal and have a fun time.  Mom and dad calls it exercise but I call it fun times at the Hotel Thompson!
  • 11:00AM – I’m tired now from that 45 minute of play time.  Dad is usually done with his workout and we hit the sofa to watch some television together.  Our favorite show right now is Excused.  It’s a riot!  We laugh so hard at some of things these people do.  Other times, dad has to cover my eyes because he says it’s PG (pig guidance) required.  He tells me not to tell mom that he lets me watch it but also tells me that I need to pig up, be a man and learn about these things.  He’s a cool dad.  After this show, we watch the noon news together.  Sometimes, I don’t even want to let mom out the door to go to the worky place with all of the weird things that happen out there.  I have to let her go though and believe that she can take care of herself.  My mom the hero. 
  • 12:30PM – Lunch time!  Dad usually fixes me piggy chow with veggies.  Doesn’t matter what kind of veggies.  I love them all.  After I eat, I’m usually worn out and tired.  I will go to my room for my afternoon nap.  During this time, dad gets his things done around the house that he needs to handle and also eats his lunch.  This is usually my longest nap during the day.  It’s hard taking care of this body.  I need all of the beauty sleep I can get!  Plus, I have to be well rested when mom gets home.
  • 3:00PM – I wake up from my nap and I’m excited.  After I wake up from my afternoon nap, dad always lets me call mom at the worky place.  This is the coolest time of the day.  He calls mom on the speaker phone so I can hear her.  When she answers, I go crazy snorting and talking to her on the phone.  She will talk to me and I will get quiet listening to her voice.  When she stops, I start talking again.  We don’t talk long but it’s enough to tie me over until she gets home.  I’ve been doing this all of my life and I think it really helps mom get through the day to hear me.  I think I inspire her to finish up her day at the worky place and get home to me and dad.  Afterwards, dad gives me another snack.  I then play with my squeaky toys, my bouncy balls and the purr things until mom gets home. 

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