Mom, I’m Ready for My Close Up

03 Jan

20130103-070944.jpgMom has been pretty cool in letting me decide when I’m ready for bed lately.  I guess it started with the holidays.  She was off several days from the worky place which got my piggy schedule off a little.  Believe me though, I took full advantage of our mommy/piggy time.  I’m sure that we will get back into our normal routine soon.  I need that… really I do.

Last night after dinner, I snuggled with mom on the couch for a long time.  We were watching television together, some of her favorite Wednesday shows.  (Mom’s going to have to get a picture of me watching television for you).   I started yawning and mom told me to go get ready for bed.  I jumped down off of the couch, went to my bedroom to get ready for bed and still no mom.  I came back to the living room and she was still on the couch watching her show.  I walked over to her and she took this picture of me.  I was like mom come on, you told me to go get ready for bed.  Usually when she tells me this, she also gets ready for bed.

Don’t think I can’t put myself to bed.  I can.  It’s just that I have a little routine that I’ve grown accustomed to at the Hotel Thompson.  I kept taking my snout and rubbing it against mom’s legs and she finally got the message I was ready for bedtime.  I can’t believe she couldn’t tell from my droopy eyes and staggered walk that I was sleepy.  Sometimes humans are so dense! 

Finally mom got my bankie in the picture and we walked down to my bedroom.  Mom walked in first while I closed the door and sat in front of it.  I watched her walk around the room putting my toys up and putting my bankies on the floor.  See, mom plays this little game at night that she doesn’t think I notice when she’s doing it but I do.  While she is picking up my toys and putting them in my toy box and putting my bankies down, she’s also hiding treats for me to find during the middle of the night.  Isn’t that freaking fantastic – Mom thinks of everything!  So that way, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can root around and find my special treats.  They are usually animal crackers, frosted mini wheats, pretzels or carrots.  I absolutely love it!

So mom got finished and sat down on the floor on my bankie.  I walked over to her and climbed in her lap.  Yes, I still waddle in her lap – it’s a piggy thing.  She then either tells me a story, sings me a song or we watch a short cartoon together.  Last night, she told me the story about the Three Little Pigs again.  I love that story!  When she got finished she told me to snuggle in my bankies.  I got up and walked over to the door instead.  Mom told me to move and bed down but I wouldn’t budge.  I wasn’t ready for mommy to leave me.  I kept sitting in front of the door ‘talking’ to her by making different sounds. 

She finally started laughing and said okay.  She sat back down and patted my bankie.  I walked over to it and she wrapped me up in it – the original piggy in a bankie – snort LOL.  She then rubbed my back, my snout and talked softly to me until she saw me drift off.  She then turned the big light off, turned on my piggy night light and left me in my sanctuary to dream about fun things. 

See the bedtime routine at the Hotel Thompson is a must have!  They have exceptional turn down service!

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