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Food for the Little Man

20130102-070120.jpgWell, let’s fly into the new year of 2013 – are you ready? I know I am. Mom was off of the worky place yesterday and I enjoyed it all day long! Of course, my little schedule is out of whack with her being off in the middle of the week but I’m not complaining. When mom is off, Bacon gets further spoiled 🙂

I let mom sleep in yesterday morning. I figured we were both up late the night before watching fireworks and we both needed our beauty sleep. Someone has to take care of mommy. When we 20130102-084304.jpgfinally got up, mom made magic in the kitchen. I love mornings like this. I got to try blueberries! She made blueberry pancakes – one of my new favorites. Something was oddly familiar with my pancake though. I couldn’t quite put my snout on it. And she used my favorite Sesame Street plate. The morning was starting off just pigawesome for me! Even dad oohhed and aawweedd about the blueberry pancakes. He said that he hasn’t had them in over 10 years! WOW – dad where have you been? These are the bestest!

Mom tinkered around in the kitchen afterwards cleaning up and putting dinner in the oven. I’m not sure what people food she was preparing but it really smelled the house up in a good way. I kept going around sniffing the air all day trying to figure out what it was. I was in pig h20130102-084313.jpgeaven!

For lunch, mom fixed me piggy chow and a fried egg! Did I mention that I like when mommy is home? She actually cooks for me. That’s why I love her so much. Just about as much as fried eggs and piggy chow. I ate my lunch, did a few laps around the house playing with Hemi and then jumped on the sofa with mom for some snuggle time. She was on her computer doing some writing and in between thought moments, she would rub my little belly – don’t laugh I know it’s not little – snort. We only got up one time to get water and potty. Other than that, it was mommy/piggy bonding time.


Before I knew it, mom was waking me up for dinner. Where did the time go? Now, this is where mom is creative. I always get a salad with my piggy pellets at night. It’s something that’s always on my menu. But mom goes that extra little step and makes it special. This is my nightly salad from mom. Looks good doesn’t it? And of course it’s in my piggy plate. It has all of my favorites – piggy chow, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and grapes.

After I ate dinner, I went to my room for my piggy meditation time. I really need this time every day to relax and reflect on the days activities. During this time, I let mom and dad eat dinner in peace. Again, their food sure did smell good. And, I’ll tell you a secret. I know mom fixed black-eyed peas with rice because she let me try some 🙂 Even I need to start the year out eating the traditional foods!

After mom and dad got finished and I was done with my meditation, I went into the kitchen and supervised mom cleaning up the dishes. Dad was in the kitchen as well and he started you know play picking on mom. Mom jokingly said, “Bacon, daddy is picking on me. Get him.” Well, I did what she said. I went over to dad, stomped on his foot with my hoove and snouted his ankle. Hey, I gotta protect my mom. Mom thought it was funny. She praised me and gave me a treat. Dad on the other hand was fussy but in a fun way. He couldn’t believe that I protected mommy like that. It’s what I do. He should know that by now. Most people have protect dogs. Mom has a protect pig – snort bark! LOL

20130102-084326.jpgWe all went into the front room after the cleaning was done. Dad played with me a while before I jumped on the couch with mommy. We then watched this show on television called Finding Bigfoot. That is a cool show! I love Cliff Barackman, James “Bobo” Fay, Ranae Holland and Matt Moneymaker. They belong to this group called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and they look for the infamous Bigfoot every where that you can imagine. Their calls for bigfoot, what a hoot! I think my favorite one to make calls is Ranae. She is hysterical. I also like it when they say they hear or something is ‘squatchy’. I just snort my little tail off when they do that! I try to watch this show every week with mom.

Mom even popped some popcorn for us to snack on during the shows. And of course, after popcorn it was my bedtime. It was a week day and mom had to go back to the worky place the next day. I’ll miss her today.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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