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New Years Resolutions


Here it goes. It’s time to make my yearly New Years Resolutions.

1. To get more views on my blog. I would like to double last year. I know I can do it. It gets better every year. It helps that I have wonderful friends and family that support me. I so appreciate each and everyone of you. I love you all – hogs and kisses

2. To keep blogging about my daily life. Life here at the Hotel Thompson is really exciting. I learn new things every day. And trust me, mom is always around with a camera to help me document my adventures. Rolls piggy eyes – snort.

3. To be nicer to Mouse Girl. This is a tough one at times. I’ve come to a middle peacefulness with Hemi the other purr thing. We get along okay now. Mouse Girl on the other hand is a hate/love relationship. She loves to hate me. It’s not all me. Mom knows this. Mom also says that if we don’t start bonding, she is going to make us start sleeping in the same room at night until we do. I like my personal space so trust me I’ll be doing my part on the bonding attempt. Shivers.

4. To try various new foods to add to my life journey. I tried blueberries this morning. Last night, I tried shrimp cocktail. Mmm – I like the seafood!

5. To maintain my health, cuteness and looks. It’s hard keeping up with this body! They call me a miniature pot bellied pig and it takes a lot working on that pot belly 🙂

6. To make it free range at the Hotel Thompson full time. I’ve slowly made little steps and I let mom and dad know when it’s time for the next. I went from being crated overnight to having free range at night in my room. I’m hoping soon that the door can stay open. Never fear though, the gate is still up at night blocking the kitchen – snort. Baby piggy steps my friends.

7. To get an autographed poster from my future girlfriend, Miss Piggy. I wrote last year but never received anything. Pout – I will try again this year. Keep your hooves crossed for me.

8. To finish watching all of my movies in my instant Que on Netflix. What? Can’t a piglet have his favorite movies lined up to help him sleep?

9. To snuggle with mom more and continue to have our mommy/piggy time. If it wasn’t for mom, I wouldn’t have such a sheltered privileged life here at Hotel Thompson. I know I’m a little … Sshh don’t say it too loud… Spoiled. But really, could you imagine me any other way? It’s all because of mom and I need to show her everyday how much I love her. And I do love you mommy – lick kiss. I kiss the toes on her feet that she walks on – really I do. Ha!


With that being said, those are my 2013 resolutions. I wish all of my friends and family a prosperous and healthy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes come true.




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Happy New Years!!


I made it to the new year!! Happy 2013 – I hope you had a wonderful night last night ending 2012. Did you do anything exciting and fun?

I did stay up. I was so happy with myself. Mom fixed cheese crackers and sparkly things to drink. She let me try some of the non alcoholic sparkly stuff. It had bubbles and they felt funny against my nose. It was okay but I prefer my water. Now the cheese crackers on the other hand are a different story. I love cheese crackers. Mom fed them to me putting them into my little mouth. They were delicious! She said the cheese was called pimento cheese. The best stuff! Have you tried this deliciousness?



Mom told me I had to take a short nap while her and dad finished up their snacks and bubbly. Afterwards they came and got me to watch the show. They opened the front door and left the storm door shut that you can see through. Mom told me to sit there and wait for it, to keep looking up at the sky.

For a while, I thought I was searching for stars or aliens. Nothing happened. I kept looking at her and she kept telling me to wait for it and be patient. I’m not so good with being patient – snort.

Then all of a sudden, I saw it. I was in awe. I couldn’t move anything but my little head watching everything. The sky lit up in beautiful colors. Not just a little dot here or there but the colors spread out in a beautiful display so pretty like a water fall.

And the noise was so loud! I would have been jumpy but mom was right behind me holding me going oohh and aaww as well. Even she was sitting there in amazement. It was such a wonderful sight to view and mom was right. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself.

Afterwards, mom tucked me in for the night. I dreamed of Disney and fireworks. Just like the picture below. Did you see any beautiful colors in the sky?


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