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AAAWWW – Wouldn’t it be “Perfect”?

20130130-123819.jpgOMP (Oh my pig!) 

I can almost taste it.  It would be so delightful.  I mean, come on, we are talking about an oinker. It’s all about the food to us little hooved piglets.  It would be the perfect food.

Can you imagine it?

It would have the perfect outer layer of a banana and the perfect inner label of a strawberry.  I bet they would fly off the shelves!  It’s a heaven sent combination that I could live on for life! 

I know I can’t be the only one that would think so.  What do you think? We could call it bananaberry.  That’s a fun word! 


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Memory Lane

Let’s take a walk down memory lane today shall we.  I’ve gotten some new visitors and friends here on my blog and I want you to know the real me.  I’m not perfect – snort – I do have my days when I can be a little okay a lot stubborn. Of course they’re few and far between – snort. 

Mom adopted me when I was a mere three weeks old.  She had raised other small animals from that age so I had faith in her skills.  This was me the day I came home.  Can you believe that I only weighed ONE pound that day?!  I was the runt of my litter.  The farm brought me inside and put me on the bottle.  Mom got me at three weeks and I’ve NEVER been outside in nature except for in passing.  It’s not that mom hasn’t tried.  Trust me – she has.  Here is the post about my family  Also, have you ever wondered how and why mom adopted me, a mere pig?  Check it out here  bring your tissues 🙂

Since I don’t choose to go out in nature, I have a wizzy spot in my bedroom.  I was pretty easy to train in this.  I mean geez, have you met my mother? She had a fit every time I went wizzy or pooh.  I don’t know how personally “I” survived those days.

Oh oh mom.  She *always* has a camera ready with her for the most parts since I was little.  This is one of my funniest pictures from my childhood.  She thought it would be funny to have ‘bacon and eggs’ in pictures.  Snort – it is kind of funny.  Moms always coming up with different pictures and views.  I’ve gotten kind of used to after all of these months.  You never know when the flash is going to go off at the Hotel Thompson!  Be ready and keep a smile.

And just between you and me, I’m not perfect.  I’ve had my moments and still do at times.  There have been times that daddy has made ‘that call’ to mom.  Check this out and I can be sweet bacon or deviled ham.  It’s strictly up to you.  Mom and dad learned real quick what I expect at the Hotel Thompson.  Yeah, I paid the price for that.  Mom had a prayer meeting with me that night when she tucked me in without my bedtime snack.  Shivers – no bedtime snacks are the pits! 

And let’s not EVER forget the great baby gate ordeal – snort.  I was ‘this’ close to winning that battle with that stupid gate.  Snort – I almost threw mom over the edge with the gate thing.  I can admit that now.  It was a challenge to me and challenges are right up our alley.  We will watch something, focus on it and do it until it works.  Like the baby gate  Yeah, dad has tweaked it now with a bungee cord so the kitchen is off limits.  But it was a fun challenge getting to this state – LOL.  But getting there – snort

And do you know mom made a video about me?  Yeah, this is a touching tribute to this little oinker that my mom put together with her own two little hands.  It even brought water to my eyes.  By all means, check it out and let us know what you think.  Thanks so much for being my friend and supporting this little piggy.  I love you bunches each and every one – Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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Mom – The Other White Meat

I made a big HUGE mistake a couple of days ago.
I’ve spent the past days reflecting and trying to make it up to mommy. I can’t tell her I’m sorry enough. It was an accident and she does believe that. She knows that I would absolutely not hurt her or anyone else in any way. And we’ve talked about it and she told me there was nothing to forgive. It was an accident all the way and she couldn’t be mad at the cutest little piggy in the world. That’s how I can tell she wasn’t mad – she’s been calling me that since she adopted me 🙂 When she calls me that, everything is right in the world, you know?

You see last Friday morning started like any other. 20120606-073401.jpg I got up and mom fixed me my Cheerios and piggy chow. After I ate, I jumped on the sofa and we snuggled together watching the morning news. And then it was time for her to get ready for the worky place. This is where uh-oh took place. 😦

Mom *always* gives me a couple of animal crackers before I go back to bed in my room for my morning nap. She hand fed me one while I was on the couch and everything was fine. The second one she hand fed me, I kind of sort of nipped her thumb.

I’m not sure who was more surprised, mom and me. I know it as soon as I did it. To her defense, she didn’t make a big fuss over it, she didn’t yell or get mad at me or anything. She patted my head with her other hand and said, “Let’s go to bed Bacon.” Of course, I being the obedient pig I am went down the hall and went to bed.

That’s when I heard it. Mom told dad she had an ouchie. I could hear them through my bedroom door talking in the bathroom. Mom thought I just nipped her on the front part of her nail on her right thumb. What she didn’t realize until she was in the bathroom with daddy was that I actually got her on the back of the thumb too. That was the big boo boo. Daddy said he couldn’t kiss it enough to make it better. I felt so bad!  Daddy put a bandaid on her thumb and doctored mom up sending her off tot he worky place.

I know people don’t think we have teeth but we do. And where I’ve been losing my baby teeth and regrowing my new ones, they are sharp and edgy. Again, I didn’t mean to do it. And of course, mom didn’t mean to put her finger in my mouth. It just kind of happened and it was really quick.

Daddy doctored up mommy and she’s fine now. It is almost healed. A little tender still at times but nothing like it was when it happened. She had a sore hoove for a while but now it’s like it never happened. That’s a good thing, right?


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National Inane Answering Machine Day



Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here – keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –




All important announcement – today is National Inane Answering Machine Day and is always on January 30th.  It is actually a copyrighted holiday?  Negative that is not a typing error, it is “Inane”.  You don’t even know what that means do you?  Go ahead and admit it, Bacon’s mother had to look it up too.  Poor kid needs to advance her vocabulary besides talking gibberish to that oinker all day.  I went ahead and copied this from the dictionary for you.  You’re welcome!

“inane”, Pronunciation: \i-ˈnān\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): inan·er; inan·est
Etymology: Latin inanis
Date: 1662
1 : empty, insubstantial
2 : lacking significance, meaning, or point : silly
synonyms see insipid
— inane·ly adverb
— inane·ness \-ˈnān-nəs\ noun

With that being said and us knowing what ‘inane’ means now, let’s continue on this grand holiday of “National Inane Answering Message Day”.  First lets clarify the meaning of an “inane” answering machine messages. We all get them and they drive us crazy which for some cases is a short trip – HA!  An inane message is a senseless or meaningless message, or a prank call. Or, it could be an insane message.

So, National Inane Answering Message Day is a day to end those numerous, annoying insane answering machine messages. We all *know* that’s not going to be accomplished in one day but we can try, can’t we?  So for today, no prank calls!  Chatters and laughs.

This is Journalist Rocky the Squirrel signing out – Have a great day!


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Happy Birthday Shout Out!

This is a very special shout out to a very special friend of mine.  He’s come to visit me in the past couple of weeks, even fed me some carrots.  He was a wonderful little man that played with me and loved on me. 

He said he wanted a piggy like me.  I’m sorry to tell you buddy, I’m one of a kind – there is no one else like me being spoiled and all.  But I tell you what, maybe you can come over for a play date or maybe even babysit me one day. 

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!  You deserve the best day!





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National Corn Chip Day

20130121-110151.jpgJournalist Rocky the Squirrel here – keeping his paws on the nuts of the world.


Today is mandated as National Corn Chip Day! Corn chips are right up my alley if you know what I mean. Who can turn down a good chip? Can you believe that 50 years ago (way before this journalists time), few Americans even knew what corn chips were? That’s amazing to me. Today, we can’t imagine life without those tasty little morsels. They were first marketed in 1961 and have been going strong since.

So, in honor of today being National Corn Chip Day – go out and eat some chips… with salsa… with dip… plain… with a friend… yeah, I know the pig is going to get his share!

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel reporting out – Happy Eats!


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

See there’s this place called the GYM that humans and animals work out at all of the time.  You should find it.  You’re starting to look a little porky – bark – ha.  Signed  Stud Muffin

Dear Mutt Stud,

You want to go there huh? This exquisite body is 45 pounds of lean shapely pig.  I’m called a pot bellied pig for a reason.  It takes a lot of work to maintain this exquisite physique.  You should only inspire to have this high performance body one day my friend.  That is all.



Dear Bacon,

I do not know why you insist on calling those bubbly things in water a spa adventure.  They are not and I will not abide.  You and the humans can not make me.  I will not partake in that watery death sentence.  Signed Cornered

Dear Cornered,

WOW – I commend you on the nose in the corner situation.  Is it really all that bad?  I would think that you for one would love to play with the bubbles.  I know the purr things here do when mom is in bubble land.  Did you even stick a paw in the suds? 


20130124-091922.jpgDear Bacon,

I’ve heard in your Netflix que you have a lot of ghost and life after death shows.  HA – I think I’m right up your alley little man.  Any time you want to take the challenge, you just let me know.  I think I can accommodate you.  Signed Precious

Dear Precious,

Who you been talking to about my private Netflix account?  I’m good.  Really I am.  I do find it intriguing but not so much to take a challenge physically to find out.  I thank you very much though for the offer.  It was awfully nice of you and I appreciate the thoughts.  You just take it easy and try not hurt yourself okay.  Thanks anyhow!



20130124-091844.jpgDear Bacon,

Sing with me little oinker –

You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out,
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about.
You do the Hokey Pokey
And you turn yourself around,
That’s what it’s all about.

Signed Dancing and Singing Elephant

Dear DAS Elephant,

I absolutely loved it and needed that snort.  Thanks so much my friend.  Keep up the fabulous work!


20130124-091908.jpgDear Bacon,

I’m not sure if you and your mom have ever played Hide N Seek but it’s a great game.  I’m the winner of the 2012 Best in Camoflauge.  Can you imagine how I won here in this picture?  Sometimes the humans even forget I’m in the room.  Signed Invisible

Dear Invisible,

OMP (Oh my pig!)  That is outrageous and over the top.  You go you little Houdini.  I’m going to have practice up on my skills and see if I can one day live up to your standards.  Totally awesome!


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My piggy tail is wagging so much that I can’t contain it.  I am *that* excited.  I’m running around my room barking and I just have to get my thoughts together so I can hoove out this reply.  Dad heard me barking and had to come check on me.  When I told him about it, he was thrilled too!  He let me call mommy at the worky place to tell her about it.  She was so proud of her little oinker!

offriesandmen nominated little ole me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Can you believe that?!  I knew when they mentioned fries I was going to be in love with them.  Cause we all know – I love me some fries – snort.

Here’s the rules of the award. 

1.  Link back to the blogger who nominated you.  √

2.  Post the award image to your page.

3.  Share 7 facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate other blogs and inform them about it.



1.  I’m a huge snuggle pig.  Some people have lap kitties – mom has those too but she also has a lap piggie. 🙂 There is nothing more that I like to do than to snuggle with mommy.  It doesn’t matter where.  On the couch, in my bed, in her bed – anywhere.  At times, I still crawl up in her lap and she rocks me and sings me to sleep like she did when I was a baby. 

2.  Mom puts me to bed at night just like a child.  We go in my room, she sits with me and tells me a bed time story or sings to me.  Sometimes she rocks me and sometimes she tucks me in my bed for my story.  I’m an attention hog and this is something mommy has done since she adopted me at three weeks.  I know.  I’m spoiled like that at the Hotel Thompson.

3.  I have my own room at the Hotel Thompson.  In fact, it’s actually the master bedroom at the house – snort.  And trust me, I *know* it’s my room.  It has all of my stuff in it like my bed, my potty patch, my toys (which are somehow all shaped like pigs – figure that), a safety crate, my laptop and a flat screen television.  What?  A pig has to have entertainment. 

4. I love – let me change that – absolutely LOVE – all food.  Mom is forever letting me try all kinds of different things to expand my food experience.  There has only been one thing in my 15 months that I really do not like – Kumquats.  Kumquats are meant to be eaten skin and all.  When you eat them, you get kind of a sweet and sour taste.  Mom’s friend told her that her piggies love them.  Well, this little piggy didn’t care for the sweet and sour experience.  Of all of the times mom didn’t have a camera ready, she missed the best opportunity.  My ears went back so fast when I bit into one that I think I heard wind blow through them.  Shivers just thinking of it!

5.  I am a sucker for Animal Crackers.  I will do anything you want and say. 

6.  I speak human.  I have learned things over the months and know phrases like:  “Go to your room”; “Bedtime”; “Go potty”; “Get ready for bed”; “Get on the couch”; “Come here”; “Go see Daddy”; and “Don’t eat the cats” (this one is highly frowned upon in this establishment).  I also know how to play ball.

7.    With dad’s help, I call mommy at work every day at 3:00PM when I get up from my afternoon nap.  I think it helps mom get through the rest of her day.  Cause we all know, a happy mommy is a loving mommy!



This is hard!  There are *so* many people I want to mention.  So many people that support me.  So many people that I love!  This is a great blog about Cocco and his mom, Katie.  Cocco is a piggy like me only younger!  Some of the things he gets into – snort laughs.  I love that little guy!  This is the bomb!  Always posting about food – drool – I love these pictures!  My purr things are always stealing… I mean borrowing my laptop to check out this purr thing.  Do you know Sammy actually witnessed a murder outside?!  This is one my newer friends named Speedy.  He’s a male Himalayan Rex Rabbit.  I kind of relate to him.  I jump like a rabbit at times – LOL. 

There’s so many people that I can refer.  I hope that you check these out above.  They have really made a place in my little piggy heart.  Love to everyone and thanks again for nominating me.  I really appreciate it!!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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A Weekend of Fun and Relaxation

Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely love it when mommy is home from the worky place?  I love a long weekend where we just crash together.   Sometimes I sleep beside her on the couch while she’s on my laptop writing.  Sometimes I sit right beside her on the couch and watch the boob tube and snort at it making noises and flashing pretty lights.  Regardless, I’m right beside my mommy and that’s all that matters. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m at home during the week with dad and it’s all good.  He’s just not the mommy.  Do you know what I mean?  It’s not the same.  He doesn’t talk pig and understand me like she does.  Plus he doesn’t smell like mommy.  That smell makes me all tingly inside.  I’ll tell you a secret just between you and me.  Sometimes when it’s wash day, when mom gets ready for the worky place in the morning she will give me her pajama top to snuggle in for my morning nap time.  I drift right off to nighty night land with that.  Dad gets it later when he does the wash so it’s fresh for her when she gets home.

So now you know.  Dad is the master mind behind the Hotel Thompson.  He runs this place top and bottom and takes care of everything here while mom is at the worky place.  If only he baked cookies during the day, then it would be a perfect place – snort! 

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend.  What did you do?  Where did you go?  What did you watch on television or Netflix?  Do share with this adventurous pig.

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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Piglet Says It ALL –


I think Piglet says it the best when he made this comment above, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Mommy is always telling me that I’m her little Piglet, that I have filled her heart with so much love. It’s hard to believe that I’m only 15 months – mom says that it feels like I’ve been in her life forever and that she can’t remember life without me. That’s kind of a nice thought isn’t it?
Have you touched someone’s heart lately? Tell me about it.
XOXO – Bacon


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