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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas my dear friends and family. WOW – I think I love this holiday. I couldn’t remember much from last year since I was only 3 months old. Last night, mom and dad kept trying to get me to go to bed early. They said that Santa Paws wouldn’t come if I was awake. Me and mom put out cookies and milk for Santa Paws. I then went to bed once they put one of my movies on in my room.

Around 3am I heard knocks and sounds in the front room. It was loud enough to wake me up. I wasn’t sure what was going on in there. It didn’t smell like mom and dad. I was fixing to set off the bacon alarm by squealing when I could sense someone outside my bedroom door. It was a calming feeling. I really can’t explain what came over me. It smelled like cookies, winter time and joy all rolled up in one. Under my door, I could see black boots.

Then it appeared. A cookie was slipped under my door. It was one of the cookies I left out for Santa Paws. I then heard a gruff voice say, “Be a good boy Bacon and go back to sleep.” I couldn’t believe it. This man knew my name!? I ate my cookie and snuggled deeper in my bankie. I slept so soundly that it was morning before I knew it.

Who knew that Santa Paws really existed! I was shocked. I do believe!

When I did get up, I’ve been so calm. I’ve eaten my lunch and do you know what mom gave me? A miniature cupcake.

She told me to open my little mouth and I did. She then put this delightful little morsel in my mouth. It was delicious!! The cake was soft and the icing squishes between my teeth. I’ve never had anything like that before. It was awesome and I think I want another one.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. Right now, I’m stretched out in the sofa with mom watching television.

I love you my friends and family. Hogs and kisses – Bacon

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