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The Count Down Begins

The count down is starting… it’s almost time for pigmas!  I’m so excited.  I don’t remember much from last year so this year is kind of like my first.  Mom told me all about Santa Paws coming down the chimney and delivering gifts to all the good little piggies.  I’ve been exceptionally well the past couple of weeks, does that count to get on the good list?  I know I’ve made the naughty list a couple of times… put’s head down… but I’m just a little pig.  I made up for it though.

Mom said the weather is going to be really icky the next couple of days with being cold and wet.  I don’t do very well in the cold and wet.  I have a tendency to sleep and snuggle through those days.  I hope it doesn’t do it on Christmas.  I don’t want to sleep through Christmas.  I want to enjoy all of the time that I can with mom.  She said that she was going to be off of the worky place for like five days!  That’s a long time in pig time!  I’m so excited.

Have you watched any of the Christmas shows on television yet?  Do you have one that kind of sets off the season for you?  Mom’s is Home Alone.  We watched that on television the other night.  I found it hilarious!  That little boy reminds me of myself in a lot of ways – snort.  We’ve also watched Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty, Deck the Halls, Jingle all the Way and Charlie Brown.  Mom says that we have to watch Christmas with the Kranks.  She told me a little bit about it.  It sounds funny!  Mom has let me stay up late and watched these shows with her. 


Yawn – I’m getting tired.  It seems like the rain has set in for a while.  I’m going to make my bed and snuggle down for a while.  Every one take care today, be safe and I’ll chat with you later my friends.




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