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You Know it’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Happy Monday!

You know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when you start seeing animals all decked out in their holly.  I’ve gotten a few pics sent to me and I think it’s hilarious what their parents do to them.  I *know* mom wouldn’t do that to me…. you are listening right mom?  Don’t come near me with those blinking antlers again, evah!  LOL snort




I thought I would share a few pics that I’ve gotten recently.  And you know, I don’t have a lot of memories from last year because I was still a small little oinker but now that I’ve gotten bigger, I’m loving it!



Can you believe that people actually bring their pets to see Santa Paws?  Mom asked me if I wanted to go.  Really?  Me the spoiled pig that I am.  You think I’m going to let Santa Paws hold me?  I don’t even let daddy hold me. 


Mom is another story but really?  Plus I’m sure there will be a line and I’m not good with waiting.


These babies are priceless though in their pictures.  I do have to admit that.  I hope you enjoy these and have an awesome Monday!!


XOXOXO – Bacon


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