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12/12/2012 at 12:12 hours

Did you miss it??!!  12/12/2012 at 12:12 hours

It’s amazing.  I come from a long line of math nuts and thought this was so fascinating!  I’m so glad that I was hear to experience it.  I said quietly in front of my digital clock waiting for the seconds to pass to 12:12.  When everything clicked over, I barked, did a run around the room and watched the clock again until it clicked over to 12:13.

I know – I know.  I lead such a fascinating little life! 


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SSHHH – Be Very Quiet

20121212-090347.jpgWell, the good news is that mommy is feeling better and not so much sick anymore.  The bad news is that daddy now has it.  What do they say about a family that shares together stays together?  LOL

Mom went on to work this morning and left me with strict instructions about the day.  I was to leave daddy and the purr things alone.  Keep to myself, try to stay in my room, keep the noise level down and watch television.  So, I have cartoons on the television.  I’m trying to keep it quiet. 

Does snorting count?  Because you know well that comes natural and everything.  And the belly grumbling, does that count?  Because you know I’m a pig and I got hungry a lot. 

Mom said she hid treats throughout my room.  That’s a good thing.  I just hope she knows what she’s doing because my room is going to be a mess when she gets home from me looking every where. Grin.  And what about dad being noisy?  I hear him snoring all the way in my room.  What about being quiet for me?  I’m not sure if she had that talk with him or not.

And she said not to pick on the cats but did she have that same conversation with the purr things?  Because, well Hemi is taking his paw and swatting at me from under my bedroom door.  If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to tell mom.

Wait a minute, I smell something… be right back in search of it in my room.


YAY – I found an animal cracker.  Bless mom’s heart.  Where was I…?  Oh yeah, Hemi.  He’s such a trouble maker.  And what about Mouse Girl?  She’s standing in the hallway singing.  Isn’t that going to wake up daddy?  OOOHHH, Scooby Doo is coming on now.  Gotta go.  Ya’ll take care.

XOXO Bacon



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