Something New to Eat… MMMM

11 Dec

20121211-083149.jpgSince I was exceptionally good yesterday and the night before, mom gave me a special treat tonight after dinner.  It was ice cream with my bananas.  Oh my THUD – it was so delicious!  I’ve never had that before.  It was cold to my snout but it felt so good in my tummy. I was slurping it and smacking my lips.  Mom said that it won’t be a regular thing in my diet but when I’m extra good like I’ve been the past couple of days I can have some.  And I have been good!

Momma tells me that I’m a big boy now.  Sometimes she cries when she says that.  I’m not sure why.  When mom and dad wasn’t home or overnight, I had to go in my crate so I wouldn’t get in trouble.  Lately though, mom and dad have been letting me stay out in my room testing how I do.  So far, it’s been good.  I had a little bit of trouble the other night because I wanted to stay up and play.  Last night though, I went to bed pretty easily.  I have lots of bankies on my floor and I still have my crate I can go in.  I prefer to push all my bankies to the bedroom door and sleep right there.  That way I can listen to mommy and get her up for work the next day.  So you see, I’m a big boy now.

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