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Oops – Did *I* Do That?!

The weekend didn’t start off very well.  Remember when I told you that mom and dad have been giving me a little bit more freedom?  I get to run and play in my room at different times during the day.  I’m not “required” to take as many naps because I’m getting to be a big boy.  Friday night, mom came home and went into my room to pick up my toys and clean up like she normally does.  When I tell you she screeched, I’m not lying.  It’s like the sounds that I make and she knows what they mean.  I knew exactly what that screech was.  I was in BIG trouble.  Mom didn’t feel too good Friday night and that might have been what saved me a little too.

20121210-070347.jpgSee, I was playing in my room Friday.  Just wondering and rolling around on the floor.  I started picking at the tile and pulled some of it up.  It was really sticky so I didn’t do much.  In fact, I got some of that really sticky glue on my snout.  I tried to hide it by pulling one of my bankies over it.  It didn’t work.  Mom found it and trust me did we ever have a prayer meeting. 

I learned a couple of things Friday night.  First of all, with becoming older you get more responsibilities.  Don’t grow up too fast.  Enjoy that child hood as long as you can.  Second of all, if you do bad, there’s going to be consequences.  You do the crime, you pay the time.  I’m on television restriction in my room for a while.  Third of all, it’s always better to fess up then to hide it up.  Take it from me folks – just don’t do it.  It’s not worth it being on my mom’s bad side.  I usually stay up late on Friday nights.  I got grounded this past Friday… no late night teleivision, no late night treat, no late night loving.  And, mom had to get the glue off of my snout.  That wasn’t fun. 


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Chilling on the Couch

20121210-070329.jpgMommy was feeling icky this weekend.  We spend a lot of time on the couch snuggling together.  Mom took this picture of me when she got up one time to get a drink.  I was really comfortable so I stayed where I was.  Plus, there was a good movie on television that I was watching 🙂  And, of course I had my special bankie with me.  I don’t go far without my bankie.  See my little feet. 

So what did you do this weekend?  I basically camped out with mom.  It was good long weekend.

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