Are You Ready to RRUUMMBBLLEE?!

06 Dec

20121204-070553.jpgMeet the purr things, my brother and sister Hemingway “Hemi” and Mouse Girl “Mouse”.  They look all cute and innocent, don’t they?  This is a great picture that mom took of them the other night.  Don’t you love how their shadows reflect off of them on the floor? 

They look about the same size in this picture.  Pictures can be deceiving, always remember that.  Mouse is like double the size of Hemi the Hurricane.  oops – did I say that?  LOL 

So, you’re looking at this picture and you’re thinking they look so cute, so furry, so loving, so innocent.  Remember what I said about pictures being deceiving?  This happed like three minutes later after mom took the picture.  Thank goodness she still had her camera out.  Not so cute and innocent anymore, huh? 


It was on like Donkey Kong.  Notice the fighting pose Mouse took.  Notice the “I know you didn’t” pose Hemi took.  Mouse often takes this stance, heck both of them do for that matter. 

So you wonder where I get my ‘human’ qualities from?  The same place Mouse and Hemi get theirs – of course from Mom.  All of us know that we’re humans.  What else could we be?  Mom has explained to us that everyone in the world is different.  You don’t have to look completely alike to be family.  As long as there is love, there is family.  And no, love doesn’t have to be 100% of the time.  No one functions that way.  But the bottom line will always be – we’re family!  And, you don’t mess with family without messing with the entire clan.

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 



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