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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


YAY! Mom says I can stay up and watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I was too young last year and I don’t remember hardly anything about all of these holidays. Such good times!!

Sam the Snowman is so neat starting off the story. Mom says there are plenty of other characters to see as well. She told me there would be Hermey the Misfit Elf, Clarice the Doe, Yukon Cornelius, The Abominable Snow Monster of the North and then there’s the Island of Misfit Toys. How exciting is that! King Moonracer, Charlie in the Box, Spotted Elephant, a Dolly for Sue and Bird Fish.

And how could Donner try to change Rudoph’s nose? We all have things that make us stand out. Don’t try to hide those things. That’s what makes us unique!

Can you believe me and the purr things are watching this together?





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Oh No You Didn’t!

I get a lot of emails from people asking me if I get in trouble like they do.  Looks innocently around – who me? Get in trouble?  For real?  Sure, we *all* have our moments.  I’ve been known to shred a few things.  For instance, toilet paper. 

Mom and dad have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times.  It is strickly off limits to me.  I’m not sure what it is about that little roll of paper hanging off the wall.  It just calls my name and I go spastic tearing it up.  I have to admit the purr things are with me on this one as well.

And, then there’s rugs.  I don’t like them.  I’m sorry.  They are just covering up the floor where I walk.  Mom has a rug in the bathroom that has a small hole in the middle of it.  She looks at it and laughs now but when it happened – man, did I get a prayer meeting on that one!

And let’s talk about the pig toy that dished me.  I called it my platypig.  I’m not sure why all of my toys are shaped like pigs – I don’t get it?  But this thing when I was playing with it, it squeaked at me and scared me.  I showed it who was boss though.  I pulled it apart in my bedroom, stuffing went everywhere.  I looked like a crime scene for the platypig.

And nice, cushy beds – I laugh at them.  When I was small, I had some.  They were nice to lay my cute little head on.  But then I got older.  I figured out that inside of those nice little beds was a snow town waiting to happen.  One or two…maybe three…. have blown up in the past in my crate.  Hey, don’t judge.  What’s a pig to do when he’s bored?  Mommy will tell you straight up.  “A bored pig is a mischeivious pig waiting for trouble.”  Go ahead, ask her.  She knows from experience – snort.

So yeah, I can be a little destructive when I want.  BUT, I have nothing on these pictures.  Enjoy!




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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

My mission is complete.  I have finally made the dog go over the edge, roll over and laugh hysterically.  Hopefully the little men will be coming soon with the white jacket to take him to his padded room.  I’m thinking of writing a book about my accomplishment.  Signed Purrfect Plan

Dear Purrfect Plan,

Well, that dog does look a little giddy.  I don’t think I’m going to ask what you did to him.  I’m almost afraid to.  As for the book, I’ll be blocking it on the computers here at the Hotel Thompson so my purr things don’t get any ideas.  Good luck to you though … I think.



Dear Bacon,

Do you ever just have one of those days that you can’t get out of bed or off the sofa without the floor coming up to greet you in the face?  I’m not really sure what happened?  Signed Droopy

Dear Droopy,

There’s not a lot of times that I’m at a lost for words but for this one I am.  That look of sleepiness and amazement on your face is just priceless.  Perhaps you want to keep low to the ground so you don’t fall on the floor?  It’s a thought.  Sorry little dude.  HUGS



Dear Bacon,

You say you like bananas.  Well, so do I.  This is my tower of joy.  I also have other fruits in it that I just absolutely love.  You’re little mouth is watering, isn’t it?  ADMIT IT PIG!  Evil laugh. Signed Chico

Dear Chico,

Although your little mountain looks like a piece of heaven, at the Hotel Thompson I get my bananas sliced into small bite size pieces.  They are then served to me on my special pig plate.  Yes, I said served.  Jealous are we?  ADMIT IT MONKEY BOY!  Evil snort. 



20121204-065340.jpgDear Bacon,

I know how you are about your capes and super heros.  I thought I would share and show you who the real Super Squirrel is – me!  I wear it always and keep it under my skin.  Go super heros!  Signed SAS (Super Agent Squirrel) 


Dear SAS,

That’s my furr thing!!  High paws!  I think I love you.  I am so going to have to get with mom about making me a suit like that.  That is totally awesome!



20121204-065511.jpgDear Bacon,

Can you tell the difference between these two ‘cat fish’?  Chuckles – Signed Swimming with the Fishes


Dear Swimming with the Fishes,

Your parents are creepy.  Who the heck keeps that in their bath tub?  That is just wrong on so many levels – up, down and SIDEWAYS! 


20121204-070003.jpgDear Bacon,

I have a problem.  Everyone is scared of me.  I have no friends.  What’s a good guy to do?  Signed Double O Jaws

Dear Double O Jaws,

Perhaps it’s the smile my friend.  Perhaps it’s those jagged teeth.  If you had regular teeth, I bet you people wouldn’t be so afraid.  Just picture it in your mind.  You would look nicer.  More approachable.  Maybe smile with your mouth closed for now… you know until you can find a dentist to fix those teeth with some caps.  🙂  Swim on my friend.

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