Wag, Wag, Wag Your Tail –

03 Dec


I was cute this weekend.  There’s no other way to put it.  I was sweet.  I was playful.  I was tender.  I was well behaved.  I had the perfect manners.  I was cuddly.  I could go on and on.  Mommy didn’t feel good Saturday so I even let her take a long nap.  See, I can be just a little southern darling when I want to. 

And, I let mommy take pictures of me.  She felt so much better Sunday that we played on the floor for hours.  It’s hard to catch a good picture of me, let alone one of my long tail swishing back and forth.  20121203-061805.jpg

You can see from these pictures just how long it is.  I love my tail.  What’s there not to love?  And it’s so long now!  At the very end of my tail, there’s a patch of white fur.  At the end of the white fur, there’s a little pink nub.  It’s so cute!  I know.  I know.  It’s just a tail.  But like mommy says, “It’s the cutest little tail in the world!”  Yep, mom has tail envy.

20121203-061815.jpgI played in the front room something fierce just running around.  I was playing tag with the purr cats.  I was running up to mom, touching her with my snout, barking and then running away.  It’s a cute little game me and mom play.

And don’t you love my little short legs in these pictures?  Don’t think because they’re short I can’t jump.  I can.  But, these days I just look loving at mom at the side of the couch.  I put my front hooves up on the couch.  Then she will pick up my hams to help me up on the couch to sit with her.  Loving and cute huh?

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