Stinky Breath

30 Nov

20121130-070606.jpgI woke mom up this morning extra early.  I know she appreciates that on Fridays.  It’s what I do.  I get up, get her up and then she fixes me breakfast of piggy chow and cheerios.  Like any other morning, I jump on the sofa with her afterwards for our snuggly time.  After I hugged her, she told me that I had bad breath.  Can you believe that?  I, Bacon, had bad breath.  Put out a news flash now.  Mom, where ya been for the past 14 months? 

So, you know what she did?  She gave me a breath savers mint.  I know!  Can you imagine that.  I didn’t know what it was.  I had never had one before.  I think mom might have started something because now I’m thinking I need one after every meal.  You know, to cleanse the pallet per say.

How did it taste to me?  It was minty.  It was refreshing.  It was cleansing.  I had to give mom another hug to see if I then passed the breath test.  She approved.  We then snuggled down for our morning piggy-mommy time and watched the local news.

Isn’t mom the best for thinking about my well being like that?  Have you had a breath saver?  I highly recommend it my friends.


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