Bananas and Eggs

26 Nov

20121126-094932.jpgWhat?  Did you expect me to say Bacon and eggs?  Yeah, mom went through that faze when I was a young piglet.  She thought it was funny to have this picture taken of me with eggs.  You know… bacon and eggs.  It was cute and it’s part of my baby album. 

But this morning, I’m talking about one of my favorite combinations and I bet soon to be yours 🙂


It is bananas and eggs.  MMM – I don’t get them very often but when I do – shivers – they are fantastic together!  And yeah, I eat the peel and all on the bananas.  There’s lots of nutrients in there you know.  And the eggs make my fur coat glisten and look all pretty.

Some people think it’s odd that I have fur but it’s the only thing I know.  I would look funny without it.  It has gotten thicker and mom brushes it out for me to keep it all pretty.  Plus, I like the way the brush feels on my back.  It kind of massages it. 

And with all of the thickness, my tail has gotten a lot longer.  Nowadays, mom says it looks like a windshield washer going back and forth when I swing it.  And, I swing it a lot.  I’m a happy piggy.

Well, cheerios to a great Monday morning! 

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