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Thanksgiving – Mmm

Today has been a good day. I’m full. No really. I’m full. I got some extra treats today and I like this holiday. It’s about food. What’s not to like? Mom, dad and nana went to an old house they called The Blue Willow Inn for dinner. Look at this picture –

They said the food here was awesome. It had to be because when mom got home she said she had to take a nap. That’s my kind of eating.

I’ve come across a couple of pictures today on the Internet that I would share. Hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones. XOXO Bacon






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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to be the first to tell you Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to spend it with your loved ones.

I was too young to enjoy the day last year. I’m looking forward to some wonderful food samplings from mom. I’m always up for trying new food. She says that I will get to try some turkey – yay me. I can’t wait!

Don’t forget to remember what you are thankful for. I am thankful for wonderful adopted parents who have spoiled me rotten. I’m thankful for a home inside with my own room. I’m even thankful for two purr things for my siblings. And most importantly, I’m thankful for all of my friends that I have made through my blog. Much love to you for keeping me inspired and creative.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted about my festivities.



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