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New Friend – Gangsta Style

So mom is on her Facebook page tonight surfing around and she comes across a friends picture. She shows me. Frown – I wanna be gangsta too mom. Maybe she’ll help me tomorrow be gangsta? Maybe my new friends mom, Michelle, can help a pig out?

Well here you go. Meet Gangsta Chicka


Do you do gangsta? Please share.

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Tenderizing the Ham


Mom said something about having to tenderize the ham and then started scratching my hind legs. What does this mean?

She was home today from the worky place. She said she didn’t have to go back until Monday. Yay!! You know what that means? Mommy-piggy time! I’m on the sofa now watching television using moms iPhone. Gosh, this thing does everything!

Mom said that tomorrow is a holiday. Something about a turkey. She said I might get some. Can’t wait. Will report everything tomorrow!

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