Life is SO Hard

20 Nov


At any given time, when mom is home I am right beside her.  Either playing up and down the hall chasing each other, folding clothes in the laundry room, at her feet in the kitchen, being combed on the front room floor or sitting beside her on the couch.  It’s what I do – she’s my mommy.

Sunday it was no different.  I’m so spoiled.  All I have to do is put my two front hooves on the couch and believe it or not she will pick up my hams and help me up on the couch.  It’s amazing the love that woman has for me!  I know – unbelievable isn’t it?

I stayed with her on the couch and we watched television.  (I’m facing the television in this picture.)  We were watching football.  There’s something about that game that is so familiar to me.  I can’t quite put my hoove on it. 

I fell asleep at half time.  Everyone says that I’m huge.  But I want you to take a look at these little legs.  I’m not big.  I have a short carriage.  I think the pictures make me look huge.  You know what they say about a camera making you look like your 10 pounds heavier.  That has to be it. 

A little bit later on, mom got up to get a drink.  I woke up.  Mom just laughed at me.  The first thing I did – I yawned.  Mom forever with her camera got me in mid yawn.  See my little tongue.  Isn’t it too cute like me?  Wiggles tail.  A lot of people don’t think about my ‘mouth’ per say because they can’t get past my snout.  I have a mouth.  I have a little tongue.  I have little teeth. 

Of course, I had only been sleeping what 4 or 5 hours and woke up sleepy.  Me and mom got up to get a drink and guess what.  We both went right back to the sofa again – LOL  I love it when mom spends time with me on my sofa.  It’s our piggy mommy time!

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One response to “Life is SO Hard

  1. Basil

    11/21/2012 at 5:37 am

    Sounds like a pretty ace way to spend a day!!


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