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Hijacked by Hemi

Greetings fellow pig followers,20121119-075835.jpg

Meow – my name is Hemingway… or as the pig refers to me, Hemi the Wonderful.  He doesn’t say that, does he?  It’s okay.  Don’t believe everything the little man tells you.  I’m as innocent as a new born babe.  I wouldn’t hurt a fly… perhaps play with him for hours but not hurt him.  

This house is big enough for the three of us as long as the other two know their place on the food chain.  I rule.  It’s a simple as that.  I’m head of the food chain.  The other two are tied for second on the chain.  It’s not being a bully.  It’s not being over bearing.  It’s just that simple.  I’ve been here at the Hotel Thompson the longest.  Mom and dad got me from the shelter when I was only three weeks old.  They bottle fed me and my brother at the time.  Mom even took us to work with her every day for several weeks.  Beat that one pig.  I think you’ve only been to work one time and cough cough I think you fit right in where she worked.  But, that’s another story.

Three years ago, my brother Tybee passed away.  It was sudden and I admit I grieved for him.  He was the runt in our litter and yes he knew his place as well.  But I did miss the little fellow.  I had the house all to myself but there was something missing.  I didn’t have anyone to boss around… I mean play with.  Yeah, that’s it.  So bless mom’s heart and trust me she has a big one.  She called my vet and told them what was going on with me.  Do you believe they had the gall to suggest getting another cat for the house?!  And to top it off, a girl cat.  What was up with that.

So mom and dad went to the shelter again looking for a sister for me while I moped, I mean took over the house.  They went to look at one particular cat they had saw on line but that cat didn’t bond with mom.  But while they were there, there was a cat that just wouldn’t shut up and kept trying to get mom and dad’s attention.  When they held her, she purred.  When mom asked her name, it was Mouse Girl.  That name had a special meaning to mom.  And then they asked her birthday which also had another special meaning with mom.  It was meant to be unfortunately for me. 

They brought the little vixen home who at the time was only one.  She was bigger than me!  This wasn’t a cat.  This was a sasquatch of cats.  Mom said she was a Maine Coon.  I still say sasquatch.  She is huge!  And talk about an attitude.  See this picture to the left?  She is the little princess darling in the bunch.  She wants loving when she wants loving.  Now, she’s come a long way in the household and she will play now.  And, thank goodness she doesn’t know her size.  Don’t let that sweetness full you though.  Mom has caught her in the act picking on ME and then acting like the victim.  Way to go mom!  

Mom says that I pick on her because I … hold on a sec let me cough up this furball… love her.  UUMMM I don’t know about that. I tolerate her.  I don’t want anything to happen to her.  That doesn’t mean I love her.  She’s the little princess in the house and for the most part gets her way in everything because she’s a girl.  She knows she can run to daddy and daddy will save her spoiled little behinney every time.  It’s okay, daddy has to sleep sometimes. 🙂 wink

 As long as we all know our place in the home, it’s all good.  We’re all loved.  We’re all taken care of.  It may seem like this pig gets all of the attention but he doesn’t.  He’s not like the purr persuasion.  He can not take care of himself.  We can.  We are the better breed.  And yeah, I guess I do care for the little oinker.  He can take a slap across the fanny pretty good when we’re playing and he is fun to play with.  So bottom line is that we all do get along. 

Maybe this will teach the little snort munchkin not to leave his computer open when he sleeps.  I hope you had a puurrfffectly good time.  Don’t tell the Bacon I was here okay.

Hemi Out!

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