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Crime Scene Photographs

20121116-070309.jpgAll I can say is that my mom works with a bunch of sickos.  They thought this shirt was funny.  Yes it might be in a way if I wasn’t on there!




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Friday Thoughts

AAAWW Sweet Friday.  Don’t you love Friday?  I know that by the time Friday rolls around, mom will be home for two solid days.  That’s two solid days of loving me.  That’s two solid days of snuggling time.  That’s two solid days of spoiling me even more – did you think that was possible?

Last night, mom brushed me down for almost 45 minutes.  That was so relaxing.  At first, I was hesitant but then later I stretched out even further to make sure she got all my spots. 

Afterwards, me and mom ran up and down the hallway playing tag.  It’s really kind of fun to watch.  I do it just for mom so she can get her exercise.  You know, I’m thoughtful like that.  I personally think that she just enjoys my ‘barking’ up and down the hallway.  We both crashed on the couch when we were done.  She held me until my little heart slowed down. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  I know I plan on doing so.  I have a busy schedule involving eating, sleeping, playing and repeating everything until Sunday night. 

Take care!  XOXO Bacon

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