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Dinner of Champions

This is my usual night-time dinner when mom gets home.  Don’t you love it.  Doesn’t it look tasty and wonderful?  Every night when she gets home, she puts piggy chow in my piggy plate and prepares me a salad.  She puts grapes, carrots and little tomatoes in it.  Sometimes she mixes it up with other veggies and piggy chow and salad is always a given.  See the dinner at Hotel Thompson is outstanding!

Usually before bedtime, mom gives me a little snack to hold me over until morning.  That can be a banana, an apple, some Animal Crackers or pretzels.  Just a little snack so my tummy won’t growl and wake me up.  Sometimes mom lets me have one of  her graham crackers.  Those are good too!

What do you snack on?  Do you get a bed time treat?


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