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Confessions of a Spoiled Pampered Pig

Okay.  They say that admission is the first step.  So, breathe in.  I’m going to admit it.  Are you ready for this?  Are you sitting down?  Here it goes –


There, it’s out.  I feel so much better now.  It was hard to say that out loud and I know that you are shocked about that statement.  I’ve adjusted myself to my living quarters and my way of life at Hotel Thompson.  I’ve learned though from watching television and from the different emails that I receive ( that I’m pampered more than most animals… heck some more than regular people.  It’s a hard way of living and I do consider myself really lucky to have been adopted by mom and dad. 

There are a couple of things that have been brought up lately at the house and in emails.  We’ve had some people ask why I don’t go outside.  Please don’t think that mom hasn’t tried.  She has several times.  I’ve never been.  I was a runt and was inside being taken care of by a surrogate.  Then mom adopted me and brought me home to my nursery.  I have a potty patch in my room and I’m trained to use it.  In fact, I have my own room.  I have my own bed.  I have my own television.  Mom has tried her best in tempting me into the back yard.  But you know, nature is out there.  I would get my hooves dirty.  I know – I know.  I might like it.  But what if I like it too much and never want to come back in again?  There’s so many questions to ask myself.  I’m not saying that I’ll never go outside.  I’m just saying for now, I’m happy and content.  Mom says that when I’m ready, I’ll venture out and explore.  Maybe this spring I’ll try it again.  We have a nice big backyard, fenced in and there’s lot of grass out there.  I’ve even watched the bunnies play out there.  So stay tuned come Spring – I’ll think about it over my hibernation in the winter months.

The other thing that people have been shocked and amazed about is that I sit on the sofa.  Why not?  Do your purr things or barky things sit on the sofa?  Then why can’t a oinker?  🙂  I used to jump on the sofa and I still do at times.  But, I’ve learned lately that if I put my front hooves on the couch, mom will pick up my hams and help me on the couch.  Isn’t she great?!  I then stretch out beside her, she wraps me up in our cuddly blankie and we snuggle.  She warms my body up with her body heat and we watch television.  Okay – I usually drift off to sleep sometimes and snore but we’re still snuggly.  I love sitting with mom.  I call it our quality time together. 

I’ve surfed the night lately and I have found that I’m not the only piglet that sits on the sofa.  Shocker isn’t it?  Some even have friends that sit with them.  Take a look and let me know what you think –







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