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Another One of My *Favorite* Treats

20121105-070550.jpgI know.  You must be thinking, “How many ‘favorites’ does that little pig have?”  I love just about all food.  Some foods more than others.  Bananas are right up there with my apples. I love them.  Did you know that I once tried to climb up mom’s legs to get to a banana she was holding?  I don’t know who was more shocked – me or her?  Every since then, she cuts up my bananas in the kitchen, plates them and then gives them to me.  I like the rind and all.  They taste so – squeal – delicious!

Do you have any favorites?  Please share!


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3-2-1 Get in the Position

20121105-070456.jpgMy mom knows no boundaries.  I caught her this morning taking this picture of me on my whizzy pad.  What was she thinking?!  This is a private moment… not anymore though.  Shakes head. 

I know everyone has questioned how I go potty since I don’t go outside.  Well, now you know.  I have my own set of towels in my room.  The towel is folded over and mom puts a potty pad in between it.  She has to hide it.  If I see it, well lets just say that whizzy pad might get destroyed into a million pieces. Trust me… I do mean a million pieces.  Mom and dad clean up after me frequently.  I don’t smell or have any weird odors in my room.  I’m basically a clean piggy.

But I do have to be in a certain position for this bodily function.  Feet stretched and tail up – can’t get dirty you know.  Do you see my little Mohawk happening here? 

I know, everything you wanted to know about the bodily functions of a miniature pot bellied pig on a Monday morning – snort – LOL


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Weekend Fun

20121105-070438.jpgThis past weekend was a blast.  I spent most of it curled up on the couch with mom watching television.  One time, we both fell asleep and dad laughed.  He said he didn’t know which one of us snores the loudest.  It was so funny!

I also played around a lot with my toys, even my human toy called mom.  I would walk up to her and touch her legs with my snout wagging my little tail.  She would talk to me, “Bacon, you want to play?”  She would then get up and chase me down the hall.  I would chase her back up the hall from my bedroom.  We would do this for long periods of time.  So much so, that we would crash together on the couch and take a little rest.  Then, we would do it all again running up and down the hall.  She’s a lot of fun like that.  Even the cats were trying to crash in on my fun times.  They were running with us playing tag.  She’s the best mom!

Mom and dad went out a lot on Saturday doing what they called grocery shopping.  I think they were filling up the ice box where they keep my food.  I like that.  Food makes my happy so they can go shopping like this anytime.  I stayed in my room and was a good piggy waiting for them to come back home. 

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?  It was beautiful here this weekend as well.  Mom said it was somewhere in the 70’s.  That beats the cold nights we’ve been having. 

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