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Happy weekend




Don’t forget to shake your ears and snout and have some fun!

Hogs and Kisses,


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HA! If You Thought *I* Was Big –

Now, compared to pigs and the miniature variety, I’m small.  I weigh a healthy 45 pounds.  Only small pigs at the Hotel Thompson – snort. 

Well, I was surfing the net last night cause mom and dad went out for a while.  I came across a pig that you can say is a big pig.  Are you ready for this?

Now, *THAT’s* a BIG pig.  I’m not sure if he would even be able to sit on my sofa with mom… or fit the hallways… or fit through the baby gate… or heck fit in my bed for that matter! 

My size is not too bad now is it?


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Stinky Breath

20121130-070606.jpgI woke mom up this morning extra early.  I know she appreciates that on Fridays.  It’s what I do.  I get up, get her up and then she fixes me breakfast of piggy chow and cheerios.  Like any other morning, I jump on the sofa with her afterwards for our snuggly time.  After I hugged her, she told me that I had bad breath.  Can you believe that?  I, Bacon, had bad breath.  Put out a news flash now.  Mom, where ya been for the past 14 months? 

So, you know what she did?  She gave me a breath savers mint.  I know!  Can you imagine that.  I didn’t know what it was.  I had never had one before.  I think mom might have started something because now I’m thinking I need one after every meal.  You know, to cleanse the pallet per say.

How did it taste to me?  It was minty.  It was refreshing.  It was cleansing.  I had to give mom another hug to see if I then passed the breath test.  She approved.  We then snuggled down for our morning piggy-mommy time and watched the local news.

Isn’t mom the best for thinking about my well being like that?  Have you had a breath saver?  I highly recommend it my friends.


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Piggy Chow

A lot of people ask what piggy chow is. This is a picture of my bag. Mom says it costs around $16.00 a bag but it lasts me around 3 months. I get a small scoop three times a day to go with my meals. Most people feed their piggies once maybe twice a day. Mom and dad breaks my normal feed into three equal meals. I like this because that way I don’t feel like I’m starving. How would you like to eat just one meal a day? I also get a couple of snacks every day. If you put everything I eat in one day into a bowl, it would be exactly what I’m suppose to eat. I like it broken up though.






Well there you go. Now those inquiring minds

know exactly what the bag looks like.

This is piggy chow actually looks like.

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My Favorite Position –


I love my mommy.  When she comes home at night, the fun begins.  I’m not saying that I don’t have fun with dad during the day.  It’s just that she’s my mommy.  I greet her at the front door and she *always* stops right there, bends over and pets my little head.  I snort at her.  Sometimes, she will snort back.  It’s so funny when she does this! 

She then puts her things down and we go into the kitchen together.  I watch as she fixes my dinner of piggy chow and salad.  After I eat, she puts me in my room for my meditation time while she and dad eat their dinner. 

Afterwards, I come out and oversee her doing the dishes. Then we land in the front room playing with each other.  Sometimes we play chase and sometimes she sits with me on the floor.  Last night, I went over to her feet and fell down stretching out.  Of course, mommy always has a camera handy and took my picture.  Yep that’s me and Mr. Blankie.  Look at all of that hair I have.  Some people say it’s unusual for me to have that much fur.  I don’t know anything different. 

20121128-071125.jpgAfter I got done laying on the floor, I got a little cold.  So, I jumped on the couch with mom.  She wraps me up with everything and pets me while we snuggle.  I know – I know.  I’m a little spoiled.  But isn’t that what great pets are for?  LOL

Have you ever seen a pig all comfy and snuggly on a couch?  Heck, for that matter do you know of any other spoiled piglets out there?  I like to think of myself as a one of a kind.  I’m special that way. 

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic hump day –

happy Wednesday!

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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
I’ve read your column recommending yoga and how everyone thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not a fan. I’m not sure what this position was suppose to be but it’s not natural. I guess it’s not meant for everyone. Signed Pretzel


Dear Pretzel,
Well, you do look like you’re a little tied up there. What’s it like to be able to kiss your own butt? Snort



Dear Bacon,
You know what they say about it taking a village to raise a child? It takes a village to accomplish things sometimes around the house. We work together to get into things.. I mean to get water and ice. It’s not just for humans you know. Signed Barfield and Dodie

Dear Barfield and Dodie,
Way to go my little friend. For some reason, I don’t think my purr siblings will let me stand in their backs to get “ice and water”.



Dear Bacon,
So I walked into a bar and ordered a beer. What’s wrong with that? I’m of age. Why not think its strange that the bartender served me? Why does it have to be me with a problem? Signed Cheers


Dear Cheers,
I don’t see a problem with that. If you can (A) walk into a bar; (B) order your own beer; (C) sit at the bar and (D) drink it, I say you deserve it. I salute you!





Dear Bacon,
I’m like you. I have a short leg challenge. There’s lots of things I can’t do either because of those challenged little legs. I found the perfect solution – stilts. They do take some getting used to but hey no more short legs. You gotta get a pair of these things and try them. Signed Vertically Challenged

Dear Vertically Challenged,
You do look a lot taller. Mine would have to be taller. You know, to make room for my garage of a belly. 🙂 snort They do look like fun. I’m wondering if I could get mom to make me some for fun? I’ll keep you posted.

20121127-005658.jpg Dear Bacon,
Do you ever have one of those days that you don’t know if your coming/going? If you need to eat or go wizzy? I had a moment and of course my dad had to take a picture. Who knows where it will show up next on the Internet. Signed Two Birds With One Stone

Dear Two Birds With One Stone,
Hey little man, no worries. Sometimes life happens. You’re hungry and you have to go. I’ll tell you a little secret. At times when I go wizzy for mom on my piggy pad, she will feed me a carrot while I’m going. Hey, whatever you gotta do my friend for food, do it.


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Factoids of the Day

I read and hear a lot of people ask mom and dad questions about me. I thought this would be factoid Monday – you know something to make you smile and laugh. A learning experience shall we say to start the week off right. So here are some of the top questions that we get asked.

(1) Do I smell? No. Did you know that pigs are actually clean animals. We are very careful that we do not mess where we sleep or eat. I have an entire room and my sleeping quarters are on the opposite side of my wizzy pad. Mom and dad keep up with cleaning my room on a regular basis and of course I help. So no, I nor my room smell.

(2) Do we sweat? Did you know that pigs don’t sweat? We are actually unable to do so. That’s why you see pigs on the outside waddling in mud or water to keep cool. I, myself, have air conditioning and heat inside. Mom and dad makes sure that the temperatures are good for me. Not too cold and not too warm. If I get cold, I will snuggle under blankets and hide.

(3) Do pigs dream? Of course we do. We dream much as humans do. Sometimes when I’m on the couch with mom, she touches and holds me. She can feel me jumping and dreaming. She says it cute.

(4) What do we ‘do’? Well, I’m much like any other animal. I love to sleep, I enjoy watching television and listening to music. I play chase with the purr things and mom. I chase balls and I love getting piggy massages. I like to be held and touched. I really love to sit on the couch with mom watching television after dinner. This is one of my favorite things in the world. Normal things that your dog probably likes to do.

(5) How do my parents know when its time to eat? This is a good and important question. We love to have a schedule. My internal clock is better than most clocks in the world. I know when it’s time to get up, eat or go to bed. Did you know that pigs have more than 20 vocalizations used in different situations? My mom and dad have learned some of mine. Just like when a baby cries and the mother ‘knows’ the cry, mom and dad know what my different sounds are for. Mom especially knows the “I’m hungry” call. LOL And you know, we don’t ‘pig out’ or eat like pigs as the old saying goes. We would rather enjoy our food. And no I don’t eat ‘slop’. I know there are some farm piggies that do but that’s a different breed. I eat lots of piggy chow, vegetables and fruits. I have to maintain my cute little figure!

(6) Do you really know your name and are you that smart? Did you know that pigs learn their names within 3 days? When mom adopted me, she held me a lot, talked to me in her voice and said my name. This way, I knew who my mommy was. She also showed me where my wizzy pad was in my room and within 2 days, I was using it all of the time. I learned very quickly where the food came from in the kitchen. I even know where my piggy chow is kept. We are very smart creatures and have a great sense of direction!

(7) Are we hard to get along with? Well, this depends on a lot of factors. I’m an attention hog and yeah I can be a little pig headed at times when I don’t get my ways. I do have a tendency to test my boundaries but mom and dad (especially mom) sets me straight real quick. You know, just like regular kids do. I have my good days and bad days.

(8) Do I know any tricks? We are a very smart breed. I’m house trained. I know what it means to go to my feeding mat. I know what it means to go to bed. I know what it means to lay down or get snuggly. I know what it means to go potty. And I know what it means when mom tells me not to eat the purr things – LOL – just seeing if you were paying attention.

(9) Why is my tail straight? Did you know that regular pigs, you know the ones that stay outside on the farm, have curly tails. A true pot bellied pig has a straight tail that attaches high on the rump. That’s me. That’s how you can tail if its a cross breed pig or a miniature pot bellied pig.

(10) What’s our vision like? I like this question. Just like dad, I have very poor vision. You can’t look at me straight on and expect me to see you. My eyes are kind of on the side of my head and I can’t see things straight away. You will find me looking at you from the side. But although my vision may be poor, my smell and hearing are exceptional!

I hope some of these answered your questions about me. If you have anymore, you can always ask or send me an email at

Hogs and Kisses, Bacon


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Bananas and Eggs

20121126-094932.jpgWhat?  Did you expect me to say Bacon and eggs?  Yeah, mom went through that faze when I was a young piglet.  She thought it was funny to have this picture taken of me with eggs.  You know… bacon and eggs.  It was cute and it’s part of my baby album. 

But this morning, I’m talking about one of my favorite combinations and I bet soon to be yours 🙂


It is bananas and eggs.  MMM – I don’t get them very often but when I do – shivers – they are fantastic together!  And yeah, I eat the peel and all on the bananas.  There’s lots of nutrients in there you know.  And the eggs make my fur coat glisten and look all pretty.

Some people think it’s odd that I have fur but it’s the only thing I know.  I would look funny without it.  It has gotten thicker and mom brushes it out for me to keep it all pretty.  Plus, I like the way the brush feels on my back.  It kind of massages it. 

And with all of the thickness, my tail has gotten a lot longer.  Nowadays, mom says it looks like a windshield washer going back and forth when I swing it.  And, I swing it a lot.  I’m a happy piggy.

Well, cheerios to a great Monday morning! 

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Losing My Baby Teeth

Well I’m still a baby. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’m getting older and losing my baby teeth. 😦 Mom and dad have been finding little teeth on the floor. They are mine.

Mom did some research and called my piggy doctor. They said it was normal and that I will go through three sets of teeth between 18-22 months. I’m only 14 months so its hitting me a little early.

Mom mentioned something about a tooth fairy. What is that? I’m going to have to do some research on it. Mom kept my tooth for the tooth fairy. Why does he get it? Here’s a picture.


Have you lost any teeth?


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Snort – Not Anymore

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I used to fit in this crate. LOL snort. I know. Not anymore! I have gotten a little bigger. My other crate in my room is like 5 times bigger than this… Thank goodness!

I didn’t really do much today. I was still a little full from yesterday. Not too full that I skipped any meals, but full. 🙂

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