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Dear Bacon

20121030-071845.jpgDear Bacon,
I have no boundaries when it comes to friends. Take my friend Clyde here. He use to be in the movies and thinks he needs to father everyone by making sure they’re ok and they’ve eaten. He tries to force feed me bananas all of the time. I’m just not a banana eating kind of dude. Why am I to do? Signed Punk


Dear Punk,
Have you ever tried a banana? They are kind of sweet and simply delicious. Try one and you might like it. Go ahead Punk make my day. It’ll be great. I myself love them. Tell Clyde hello for me.


Dear Bacon,
How do you take your popularity out on the streets when you roam the grounds?  I have found myself that people come up to you all of the time wanting your autograph or picture.  Even though I’m retired, I still get asked.  Signed Seth

Dear Seth,

It took me a minute to figure out who you were but I did – great movies my friend, scary but great.  People don’t really recognize me yet from my web page.  The circles that I do hang around don’t really consider me a star per say.  I’m just an everyday pig. 



Dear Bacon,

I’m also a past performer and I’ve learned several tricks in my day.  One was that if you put your ear to the ground, you can tell how far away people are.  These days, it’s hard for me to put my ear to the ground so I just put it to the fence.  Have you ever tried this?  Signed Scout

Dear Scout,

Interesting tidbit of information.  Mom let me watch one of your movies the other day.  She actually said that there is a remake coming out of your movie – can’t wait to see it.  I’m going to have to test that trick out to see when I can tell mom and dad are heading towards my bedroom.  Thanks my friend!



Dear Bacon,

The master was away from the house yesterday and we got into a little bit of trouble.  As you can tell, we won and the toilet paper lost.  Needless to say when everyone got home we were grounded.  You ever done anything so stupid?  Signed Two Dogs and a Cat

Dear Two Dogs and a Cat,

Oh most definitely.  I think we all lose our minds from time to time and do dumb things.  This past weekend I myself got timeout twice for thinking I could win the battle of the baby gate that closes off the kitchen from the living room.  I might have knocked that gate over but I was the one serving time for the crime.  Just be cute and loving for a couple of days.  Parents tend to forgive and forget.


20121030-073106.jpgDear Bacon,

I’m in trouble.  I had just gotten home from the vet’s office.  I was sleepy and passed out on the sofa.  When I woke up, this is what I had on.  I’m not sure who did it but really it’s unexcusable.  This picture is all over the net now.  What am I to do?  Signed Pooches

Dear Pooches,

Just say it was a Halloween costume.  It’s that time of the year and I think you can pass it off.  In the future, be careful of passing out.  You never know who’s around to play games with you  my friend.


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