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Pumpkin Piggy Power!

20121022-070304.jpgPiggies love pumpkins.  I think we look so adorable next to one.  This is really my first Halloween and I am loving it!  I have found so many cute pictures of us with those big orange pumpkins.

For Halloween this year, mom is letting me have a cyber party.  I’m going to hook up the skype on my computer and visit with different friends dressed up in their costumes.  I think that’s a cool idea and will be so much fun!  Daddy came up with the idea – thanks dad! 

Don’t worry though, I’m going to have my friend take pictures of everyone.  Hopefully I can get everything up the next day for you to look at.  In fact, it might take me a couple of days.  Should be a blast! 

I hope everyone is looking forward to Halloween.  I know I am!

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon

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A Bed Time Funny


Throw in me, the piglet, in the middle there and you got how mom and dad go to bed at night.  HEE HEE.

I have been known to sleep with them when I’m having a bad night.  It doesn’t happen too often but I wiggle in there on the select comfort.  I think mom said my number was a 35.  Snort.


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Thanks Mom


20121022-070035.jpgThis is me.  All curled up on the sofa with my mommy on Sunday afternoon.  We had blankie up there with us and we were both cuddled around it.  In fact, this is pretty much where we spent the entire weekend.  I was a little snuggle buddy.  I just wanted to be close to mommy.  Of course, dad tested those boundaries again and tried to come over to our side.  He petted me.  I allowed that for a bit and then I had to tell him to go away.  This is me and mommy time.  She goes to that worky place during the week and I have to get all I can on the weekends.  She had the house smelling good too this past weekend.  It smelled like pumpkin and cookies.  I love that combination!   

So you’re thinking what a cute little booger on that couch with mommy, right?  Mom took a photo of the bigger picture.  She had too – it was hilarious.  It’s all about the Bacon and his comfort.  I did give mommy a couple of inches so she wouldn’t fall off the couch though.  Snort – HEE HEE

Yep, those are mom’s legs and toes you see peaking out down there.  I had plenty of room though – no problems there.  Plus, she kept me warm, especially my belly and nose.  Gotta have those things nice and toasty. 

See mom does all kinds of nice things for me.  Happy Monday my friends –

XOXO Bacon

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