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More PigOLantern Suggestions


You *know* when you look at this pumpkin that you want to start singing THE song.  You know you do.  Go ahead, I’ll start.

  “Spiderpig, Spiderpig…Does what ever a spiderpig does.  Can he swing from a web?  No he can’t, he’s a pig.  Look out, he is a spiderpig! ”  LOL

Feel better now?  I do.  This would be a fun pumpkin.  Kind of hard to carve out but it would be funny.  Of course, I would be oinking around singing that song all night… but it would be fun!






This is a simple etching on a pumpking.  It doesn’t seem all that difficult.  Kind of simple but kind of fun.  I think mommy could do it with no problem. 

I just kind of want something a little bit more uummphh to it, you know? 






This would take a little bit of carpentry but what a novel idea if you wanted to do more than one!  You could line a bunch of them up along your walk way or on the porch. 

Down side – the entire point of carving a pumpkin is to roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven.  I faintly remember mommy doing this last year and the smell was out of this world!  Mom shook some cinnamon on them and baked them off, they came out so warm and yummy.  I kind of want those pumpkin seeds again in my belly.  But, this was a great idea!



So far though, I’m kind of swaying towards this one. It’s eerie.  It looks simple to create – think about all of those pumpkin seeds – yummy!  Plus the glow looks frightening without being Friday the 13thish – you know.  What do you think? 




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Eatable Art

It simply amazes me that the talent some people have in being creative.  I am always looking out for things that mom can recreate at the house, for work or soon to be at Christmas get togethers.  And you know it’s all about the pig 🙂 


Oranges are in abundant throughout the holidays, often showing up in fruit baskets.  This is something that looks kind of easy to fix.  Cloves for eyes – I think mom can do this simple enough.  Wouldn’t it be cute showing up on the dinner table at Christmas at different places?  And, the way that the orange is tuffed up for the ears, the smell would be awesome between that and the cloves.  Decorative and smelly!



Mom is still practicing with her bread making skills as well.  I personally think that pig shaped bread served at Thanksgiving dinner like the one shown in this picture would be awesome.  Conversation would sure come back to me with this temptation.  You think?



And can you imagine finger sandwiches served like pigs?  Of course, with a side of fresh fruit.  I think it would be pigawesome!  Mommy would be sure to laugh if daddy fixed her a lunch box like this.  Can you imagine the look on her face when she opened her lunch box?  She would have to laugh.



And no, I couldn’t forget about dad.  I found something that he would equally enjoy.  It has some of his favorites – Angry Birds, sweets and a pig. Snort LOL

I’m not sure what would be better, eating the cupcakes or taking out the Angry Birds?

Any of these delights make you want to try them? 


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This Ones For Dad


My dad is forever playing the game Angry Birds.  He has so many different ones on his iPad.  He plays this game nightly.  I think mom has the theme forever burned in her mind – LOL

Last night when I was hanging out in my room watching the History Channel, I was also surfing the net.  I was watching a special on Stone Henge and thought I would do some research.  I came across this funny with Angry Birds.  I started laughing.  In fact, I was laughing so hard that mommy had to come check on me.  Of course, she saw it and started laughing as well.  Then dad walked in and we both got quiet.  Poor dad.  It reminded me of the latest Cheetos commercial.  So funny!



Then I was further playing around on the net and I came across these eggs.  How genius!  Someone actually boiled eggs and then painted them to look like Angry Birds.  I told mom that she *has* to do this with daddy.  Can you imagine what he would say?  It would be a hoot! 

Or for that matter, can you imagine fixing a bunch of these up for the yearly Easter egg hunt?  I bet kids would love it.  Do you have a favorite from the Angry Birds?  Of course, mine has to be the pig. 🙂



And this one for dad is the best.  We’ve all been pondering how to do the pumpkin this year.  It would be cute if mom did one like this in honor of dad.  It wouldn’t take much to put it together and it would be fun.  … I wonder if she would let me toss it afterwards?

Have fun!!  XOXO Bacon

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