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That’s Close Enough – Thank You

20121015-071019.jpgI’m a city pig.  By all means, I am no where close to being a country pig.  I prefer the inside over the outside.  I’ll tell you a secret, come closer and don’t tell anyone.  A little bit closer because I don’t want to type it too loud…. I don’t care for the dirt in my hooves.  I know.  It’s a silly thing but it’s the truth.  I’m a city pig true and simple.

Mommy opened up the door this weekend to the house and locked the storm door.  The purr things were sunning themselves in the doorway.  I walked over to see what all of the fuss was about.  I touched the door with my snout.  It was cold.  That was enough for me.  The purr things can have the chilly willy door.  I’ll take my blankie anyday!

And no mom, don’t worry.  I’m not missing a single thing from the great outdoors.  I think the great indoors is my world and kingdom!  LOL – hee hee




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Halloween Ideas Continued


I have to admit that I have some of the best friends in the world that a pig can have.  Lots of my friends have sent me in suggestions for Halloween as well as pictures.  I love it!  Please keep them coming.  If you don’t have my private email, it is

This comes straight to me so it doesn’t bother mommy.  Keep sending the suggestions, ideas and comments my friends.  Thanks!

Take my friend Bubba here to the left.  His mommy has a great mind.  What better idea than to dress him like the Great Pumpkin, AKA HogALantern.  I mean, heck we are *build* for that!  Snort.  I’m not sure if it is his markings or his costume but he’s kind of got a KISS look going there with his eyes.  You remember the old rock group?  Daddy has played some of his music for me.  And… I have been known to watch Gene Simmons on his television show Family Jewels. 



And I absolutely LOVE this idea and it has a cape! 


You know how I am about my capes.  With all the Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other shows, this would be a hit.  Maybe mom can decorate my bedroom like this for Halloween.  That would be a kick!



PS – Don’t you *love* the names on the tombstones.  What a genius! 




Money hog! 

This is a great idea but I’m not thinking that I could wear this outfit the entire night and not lose that cute little hat.  And, on the other hand, I don’t think mom or dad will let me borrow the money to display.  Maybe if I can find some Monopoly money it would work. 

It’s definitely a cute idea.





20121015-070948.jpgAs much as I help mom out in the kitchen, this picture cracked me up!  Chef Pig – what a hoot!  I think I have even resembled that picture with all of the spaghetti everywhere.  Doesn’t every kid have a spaghetti picture in their photo album somewhere? 

I think mom could manueaver a chef’s hat and a red/white print towel around me.  It would be kind of fun to play with this.


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There’s No Room

20121015-070512.jpgMost times in the afternoons and on the weekends you will find me all cozy next to my mommy on our sofa watching television.  It’s our time for mommy piggy bonding.  This weekend, it was no different. 

Shaking head.  Sweet daddy just doesn’t have a clue about boundaries though.  I had to teach him this weekend.  Let me explain the set up for you.  In our front room, there are two couches, a big one that daddy sits on and a smaller one that me and mommy inhabit.

This weekend, daddy thought he would try and sit on our sofa with me and mommy.  I did a double take.  I mean come on dad, you’re moving in on my territory… please recognize. Snort giggles. 


I barked at him.  He didn’t get the message. 

I snorted at him.  He didn’t get the message. 

I even growled at him.  He still didn’t get the message. 

This led me to my last resort. 

I took my powerful snout and starting to push daddy off my couch.  I know – it was a last resort.  He didn’t get any of my earlier messages so a pig had to do what a pig had to do.  He chuckled and got the message.  He left my territory and went back to his playpen.  I snuggled back up to my mommy, got comfortable, smiled and went back to sleep.  Our couch is not big enough for the daddy, just us.  He has to learn his boundaries.  LOL

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