Pig and Seek

11 Oct

20121011-072432.jpgMom came in my room this morning to wake me for breakfast.  She got worried because *I* didn’t wake her up like I usual do.  She looked and didn’t see me.  That’s when she found me playing pig and seek in my sleep – snort giggles.

It got kind of chilly willy last night at the Hotel Thompson.  The season is finally changing and I’m finally hitting some of my hibernation mode.  I was so snuggled in my bed with the blankets pulled up over my snout in dream land.  You ask, “What does a pig dream about?”  I’m glad you asked that.  I dream about, of course, food, running, eating, getting my deep piggy massage, more food and maybe chasing the purr things.  You know, the normal things.

During my little hibernation mode, I sleep really deep as you can tell from this picture.  I like to roll around until I get all of the blankies tucked around me.  As long as my snout has breathing space, I’m good. 

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One response to “Pig and Seek

  1. Basil

    10/12/2012 at 4:09 am

    Looks like a brilliant way to sleep!! And you are so lucky, I very rarely manage to get under the covers!!


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