You’re Not the Mommy

09 Oct


You ask, “How can something so cute get into so much trouble?” The answer – by being so bad, talking back to daddy and having him make the dreaded call to mommy. Let me explain. 🙂

Yesterday morning, mom said I was as cute as a snuggle bug. I just wanted to sit on the couch with her all snuggled in my blankie. It was great. I was warm and she was loving on me. I could have spent the entire day like that.  But of course, she has to go to the worky place.  She put me to bed before she went.  But, it just wasn’t the same you know.  The body heat wasn’t there.  I had my special blankie but I wanted mommy.

Daddy was home but he’s not mommy.  I kept barking and grunting all day just giving him heck.  I made a mess in my room.  I tore up some of my towels, got a hold of the paper towels and made a shred fest, knocked over my garbage can and basically drove dad up the wall.  Sigh, I was so bad that he told me if I didn’t straighten up he was going to call mommy at work.  And guess what.  He did.  That’s not cool.   

He put mommy on speaker phone and she had a little piggy prayer meeting with me.  I know when not to grunt back so I listened.  I made up with dad and was good the rest of the day.  When mom got home, we had another come to terms meeting.  I didn’t get my special treat last night because of my behavior.  You better believe I’m going to be better today!

So, here’s looking for a brighter Tuesday – happy day!  XOXO Bacon

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