Watermelon Fun

08 Oct


It all started with mom getting me a watermelon. She cuts everything up on prep day. Looks good doesn’t it?  This week, she couldn’t find a miniature melon so she had to get a mid size one.  Daddy didn’t care because he got those last few slices sitting on the cutting board 🙂 

The ones in the pans, those are mine for the next two weeks of snacks.  Yeah, I make it last.  Daddy gives them to me as my mid day snack.  You’re probably wondering about the rind.  I eat the rind.  To me that is equally as good as the juicy melon. 

Afterwards, mom sat on the floor with me and we both got all messy. Watermelon juice went everywhere. It was really fun. Of course both of us needed baths afterwards.  I made a huge mess but mom said the floor could be mopped and I could be washed. It was awfully nice of her to hold the melon for me. It made eating so much easier.   At one time, I grabbed a huge piece of the sliced watermelon and ran to my room with it.  It was hanging out of my mouth and I was holding my head up high.  It was really funny.  I could hear mommy laughing all the way down the hall chasing me.  She redirected me back to the kitchen area.




Mom was really patient too.  She sat and fed me until all of that wonderful watermelon was in my belly.  That was my bed time treat last night.  Afterwards, I didn’t mind going to bed.  My tummy was full!  Mom washed me up and tucked me in my bed.  Nothing but sweet dreams was had last night. 


Next time you eat watermelon, think of me okay.  I would hold it for you!  Hogs and Kisses to a great week!

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