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But Mom…

Yeah life at Hotel Thompson is good and yes I’m a little spoiled, just a little.  I’m not all glitter and sparkles though.  I have my days, believe it or not, where I can be outrageously pig-headed.  (More so than mom – just don’t tell her I said that.)  Although these moments are rare, when they happen they happen BIG.  Sometimes they are funny and mom laughs at me and sometimes not so funny and I know she means business.  Take in fact last night.

 After dinner is my play time.  This is the time that I’m the most vocal and take flight all over the house.  Mommy sometimes calls me her little whirlwind or her tasmanian devil.  I run up and down the hallway barking and grunting.  I have been known to pick at the carpet… even been known to pull it up a bit which is frowned upon at the Hotel Thompson.  Truth be known, I pick at it because I know it drives mommy crazy.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

Last night, mommy was chasing me down the hall.  I was barking and running away from her.  She would come into my room and I would then turn on her and chase her into the front room.  It was all fun and games.  After she got tired, I still kept running through the house.  That is until I got tired.  That’s when I flew through the front room and jumped right into mom’s lap.  You know, her bare legs and everything cushioned my hooves and body.  I call her my personal trampoline.  She couldn’t get mad at me.  My little heart was beating out of my chest from all of the running through the house.

We watched television for the longest time.  Mom even popped some wonderful tantalizing popcorn.  It was fantastic.  But I knew, after snack time is bed time for Bacon.  She told me to go do my business while she cleaned up the kitchen.  She came into my room afterwards and we snuggled for a bit.  She tucked me in my bed, kissed me good night, turned off the lights and told me good night.

See this is where it gets fun.  Mommy *knows* me.  She knows my different grunts and barks.  She knows my different looks.  I heard her getting ready for bed.  So what did I do?  I whined.  My needy whine.  She heard me and asked me what I wanted.  Of course, I whined some more.  She came into my room to check on me.  I gave her the “I’m still hungry” look.  She caved.  We went to the kitchen and she gave me some raw cabbage.  Which by the way, I absolutely LOVE.  Mommy just forgets what it does to my tummy so tonight when we’re snuggling on the couch she will remember – LOL. Afterwards, mommy tucked me back in for the night.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

About 20 minutes later, I whined again.  Mom again asks me what I needed.  She came into my room and saw my look.  Well heck, after eating all that cabbage, I’m thirsty now.  So mom caved.  We went and got some water together.  Afterwards, we came back and she tucked me back in to bed with a kiss.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

Well about 30 minutes later, I whined again.  This time it was a more urgent cry.  Mom knew immediately what that meant.  I had to go potty.  She came and got me and I went and did my business.  What do you expect with all of that water?  Mom tucked me in, gave me a kiss and told me no more for tonight.  I knew she meant business.  I know the limitations of my mommy!

So you see, I’m just like a regular kid, you think?



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