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Happy Hogaween!




Tonight is my big cyber Hogaween party.  I can’t wait!  Mom is hooking up the skype to my room and we are surfing with my four legged friends with their costumes.  It should be a huge hit.  I will definitely be sure to get pictures and post them, hopefully tomorrow.  Me, mom and dad have decided to dress up like the three little pigs.  I don’t require a costume – snort.  I hope everything has a safe and fun hogaween.  Don’t forget to stay with other people and watch out for cars. 
I’ve found some pictures on the internet that I thought was hilarious that I would start your day off with.  Have fun!












and my favorite –



Happy Hogaween!


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Dear Bacon

20121030-071845.jpgDear Bacon,
I have no boundaries when it comes to friends. Take my friend Clyde here. He use to be in the movies and thinks he needs to father everyone by making sure they’re ok and they’ve eaten. He tries to force feed me bananas all of the time. I’m just not a banana eating kind of dude. Why am I to do? Signed Punk


Dear Punk,
Have you ever tried a banana? They are kind of sweet and simply delicious. Try one and you might like it. Go ahead Punk make my day. It’ll be great. I myself love them. Tell Clyde hello for me.


Dear Bacon,
How do you take your popularity out on the streets when you roam the grounds?  I have found myself that people come up to you all of the time wanting your autograph or picture.  Even though I’m retired, I still get asked.  Signed Seth

Dear Seth,

It took me a minute to figure out who you were but I did – great movies my friend, scary but great.  People don’t really recognize me yet from my web page.  The circles that I do hang around don’t really consider me a star per say.  I’m just an everyday pig. 



Dear Bacon,

I’m also a past performer and I’ve learned several tricks in my day.  One was that if you put your ear to the ground, you can tell how far away people are.  These days, it’s hard for me to put my ear to the ground so I just put it to the fence.  Have you ever tried this?  Signed Scout

Dear Scout,

Interesting tidbit of information.  Mom let me watch one of your movies the other day.  She actually said that there is a remake coming out of your movie – can’t wait to see it.  I’m going to have to test that trick out to see when I can tell mom and dad are heading towards my bedroom.  Thanks my friend!



Dear Bacon,

The master was away from the house yesterday and we got into a little bit of trouble.  As you can tell, we won and the toilet paper lost.  Needless to say when everyone got home we were grounded.  You ever done anything so stupid?  Signed Two Dogs and a Cat

Dear Two Dogs and a Cat,

Oh most definitely.  I think we all lose our minds from time to time and do dumb things.  This past weekend I myself got timeout twice for thinking I could win the battle of the baby gate that closes off the kitchen from the living room.  I might have knocked that gate over but I was the one serving time for the crime.  Just be cute and loving for a couple of days.  Parents tend to forgive and forget.


20121030-073106.jpgDear Bacon,

I’m in trouble.  I had just gotten home from the vet’s office.  I was sleepy and passed out on the sofa.  When I woke up, this is what I had on.  I’m not sure who did it but really it’s unexcusable.  This picture is all over the net now.  What am I to do?  Signed Pooches

Dear Pooches,

Just say it was a Halloween costume.  It’s that time of the year and I think you can pass it off.  In the future, be careful of passing out.  You never know who’s around to play games with you  my friend.


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I Had a Nightmare Last Night

20121029-085056.jpgI had a bad dream last night and woke up squealing.  Mom had to come in my room, check on me and hold me a bit.  I tried telling her about my dream but I couldn’t remember everything.  The only thing I could remember was this picture.  Shivers – it was a nightmare.  I know Mouse Girl had something to do with this dream.  I’m not sure yet what it was but I know she was responsible somehow. 

Wouldn’t you be scared witless too if you had a dream like this?  Shivers – double shivers


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BACON for President



If you have not voted yet, please remember to do so.  Mom and dad took advantage of the Saturday early voting this past weekend.  I really didn’t think they would be gone that long but WOW – 2.5 hours later they came back.  We’ve been watching the presidential debates so I knew what they were talking about discussing the candidates.

With all of this talking about voting, I was in my piggy chat room with some buddes while they were gone Saturday  morning.  They said why not run for office.  I could do it.  I could be President of the United States.  Sure I could.  Why not?  I talked to mom and dad about it.  They told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up.  Why not President?  It would be a blast. Of course, I’m not talking about *the* President.  I’m talking about President of the animal nation.  Us animals need to be represented.  I could do that. 

My name is Bacon and I approve this message!


P.S.  You know this post was just in fun and not meant to be serious in any nature.  I hope it brought a smile to your face and started your Monday on a good note.  XOXO – Bacon


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Woo Hoo Its Friday


Laissez les bons temps rouler!  Mom says that means let the good times roll.  I agree.  Its time to bring on the weekend. 

I’m ready for the extra loving.  I’m ready for the snuggling.  I’m ready for the running.  I’m ready for the playing.  I’m ready for the mommy to be home!

Everyone have a fantastically long weekend!



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Morning from the original baconator!

Don’t I look pretty? Mom gave me a bath last night. She’s getting better with that. She at least put Cheerios in my water this time to keep me busy. Cheerios float. Last time she used my piggy chow. Guess what – that doesn’t float. They melt. We both learned a very valuable lesson from that bath snort.

Can you see the makings of my little Mohawk happening here in this picture? I call it my piggy bed head. It’s really bad in the mornings until mom smooves it down.

I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty rotten and lazy lately. At least that’s what dad keeps telling me. Like in this picture. I walk up to mommy on the sofa and all I have to do is put my front hooves on the couch. Do you know that she will actually lift my heavy butt on the couch now? Isn’t she the best? Dad says she is spoiling me. Do you really think that is possible?

Also from my picture you can see how big I am. A lot of people still say I’m huge but really I’m not. Think about it. A normal size pig can weigh 200 pounds and more. I’m a minitaure pot bellied pig. I only weigh around 35-40 pounds. I’m kind of short and stout like a teapot but I’m the size of a medium dog. I guess I kind of act like a dog as well in some ways. I sleep a lot. I eat a lot. I love a lot. I even play fetch and run around. Heck, I even bark. But, come closer cause I don’t want this part out – sshh – I’ve even been known to chase my tail a bit. Don’t tell anyone okay. The biggest difference is that I have hooves and I snort!

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In the Morning, I’m…


You finish the sentence for yourself.  What would you say?  In the morning, I’m __________.  Are you cranky?  Are you snuggly?  Are you sleepy or any of the other seven dwarfs? 

I suppose I’m several things. 

First, In the morning, I’m mom’s alarm clock.  I wake up and make little chirpy noises and I snort.  I snort LOUD to wake mom up.  Did you know that she hasn’t had to set an alarm in over a year because of my kind nature in waking her up?  Amazing isn’t it?  A real live alarm clock.  I know you want one too.

Second, In the mornings I’m hungry.  Oh yeah – news flash there huh?  Don’t laugh.  Stop.  I can see you laughing – LOL.  I gotta have my piggy chow and cheerios.  After that, my hunger is gone for at least a little while. 

Then, In the morning, I’m snuggly cuddly.  Momma says so.  I jump on the sofa with mom, curl up next to her legs and she wraps us in our blankie.  We watch the morning news together.  Okay, well I usually fall back to sleep with mom stroking my back but I’m still snuggy.

Fourth of all, before mom goes to the worky place, in the mornings, I’m doing the piggy potty dance.  I’m sure you can relate to the human potty dance.  I run to my potty patch and take care of my business.  Afterwards, mom puts me in bed, kisses me good day and I crash for a couple of hours.

So, you tell me – In the mornings, I’m ____ ?



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My Cuteness…


20120606-073449.jpgI’m not sure why but I get a *lot* of requests for pictures of my tail and feet.  Is there something going on there that I don’t know about?  They look the same to me as they usually do.  

The other night mom had to use her toes when she was playing the little piggy goes to the market.  It was really comical.  Did you know that she is ticklish?  After I found this out, I had to keep on picking on her and touching her toes. 

I asked her why mine were different than hers.  She told me that God blessed my little feet and they are special.  She even said that God gave me a tail to be special.  She really wants a tail.  I can tell from the way she talked.  She has tail envy.  See that’s why I love mom.  She always tells me the truth on these matters.

So, for all that have requested, here is a picture of my blessed toes and tail.  Don’t be jealous cause you don’t have one.  We are all special in some way. 

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Sleep – That Wonderful Peaceful Thing

I’ve gotten a LOT of pictures sent in to me with my fellow friends sleeping.  It seems that my mom is not the only one that takes pictures of me when I’m trying to snooze.  Some of the pictures were really funny and I thought I would share.

And I know sometimes we are heavy sleepers, but WOW – some of these are a hoot. Do you have a favorite one?20121023-070055.jpg







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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
I hate mornings. No, that’s wrong. I despise mornings. Do you have this problem? Signed Anti Mornings

Dear Anti Mornings,
Maybe, just maybe, you’re looking at the mornings in the wrong light. I get up for the food – I love food so that’s a plus. I also get up because that’s my snuggly piggy mommy time. I love snuggly time. After mom goes to the worky place, I go back to bed. But, thats fine because I’ve already accomplished the morning. Think about making a few changes in your life in the mornings and see if that doesn’t work out better for you.


Dear Bacon,

Something happened.  I’m not sure how it happened but it happened.  I was going for the bird and somehow that pesky bird got me in its cage and shut the door.  Shaking head.  I gotta be doing something wrong.  Any words of wisdom?  Signed Caged Kitty

Dear Caged Kitty,

It is a funny picture.  Have you ever watched the cartoon Tweety and Sylvester?  It’s very similar to your situation.  Maybe quit trying to eat the pretty birdy and try to become friends with little tweet tweet.  I’m sure then you won’t get locked up behind bars.




Dear Bacon,

This is my 9th day in captivity and I don’t think my fellow cell mates have a clue to me being in here yet.  They think I’m one of them.  I think it’s hilarious.  I can get out at any time.  I just want to see how long they keep confiding in me until they figure it out.  Signed Secret Agent Feline

Dear Secret Agent Feline,

You are too funny.  You should write a short story on everything you learned from those silly rabbits.  Send it to me.  I’ll post it on here.  I’m sure it would be good laugh that everyone would enjoy!



Dear Bacon,

Some days when I want to feel like a bad puddy cat, I put on my wig and climb trees.  It freaks out animals, small children and older folks in my neighborhood.  They actually think I’m a lion.  I’m thinking of wearing this for Halloween.  What do you think?  Signed Roar

Dear Roar,

I can’t say much my little friend.  I like to wear a cape around town.  I think it’s original of you to wear your wig.  Somehow I think it really becomes you.  If I was walking down your street and saw you in a tree, I would be afraid.  I’m shaking now as I type this.  Go for it my little man – go for it!



Dear Bacon,

Me and the boys like to get together on the weekends to play a little cards.  What say  you pop over one night and play with us.  We don’t play for money – just nuts.  Do you like nuts?  Signed Poker Trio

Dear Poker Trio,

I’ve never played cards before let alone poker.  I’m going to have to on line and practice up a bit.  I’m a fast learner.  I think I can do this.  Instead of nuts, how about I bring a bag of carrots?  Would that work for ya’ll?  Thanks for the invite!


20121023-065855.jpgDear Bacon,

My name is Stripes and I have a best friend named Stretch.  When I get nervous or afraid, well you can see the picture.  Stretch takes it pretty good but I know the word is getting around the jungle that I’m a fraidy zebra.  What’s a fellow to do?  Signed Stripes Forever

Dear Stripes Forever,

WOW – that is some friend you have there.  First of all I have to ask you to come down off of Stretch.  Second of all Stretch needs to go see a chiropractor because I’m sure you have thrown that neck out on him.  Third, breath my fellow four legged friend.  You need to stand your ground and learn not to be afraid.  Perhaps Stretch can help you with this.  Whenever you are feeling afraid, start telling yourself that you are strong, you are a ZEBRA.  Sing a song in your head, picture your fellow animals without their clothes on – do anything but show them your afraid.  You can do this – I know you can!!  Let me know how things turn out.

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