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You’re Checking Out My Tail, Aren’t You?

20120928-092335.jpgMom, forever flash happy, took this picture this morning.  Do you see my tail in mid swing?  I was like, “Mom, really, you checking out my tail?”  She just laughed and laughing thinking it was so funny and cute.  It’s my back end for goodness sake. 

She laughs and it makes me feel good that I can bring joy to her life.  I walk around all of the time swinging my tail back and forth.  It’s what I do. 

She took plenty of pictures this morning and I’ll share some later this weekend. 

Have a great day because this pig is gliding into the weekend!


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It’s Finally Here!


Stop and smell the flowers. It’s almost the weekend! I can almost see it from here.

Weekends are cool and nice. Usually mom and dad are both home and this weekend is no different. I especially like the weekends where they kind of camp out at the house all weekend. This is double down Bacon bonding time. I hang out in the front room with them watching television and of course we normally all fall asleep. I’m not sure who snores the loudest yet.


Also when moms home on the weekend, she does a lot of cooking. You know what this means? I get to be her sous chef. Happy day! I wonder what kind of wonderful delicacies she will come up with this weekend.


What’s some of your favorite things to do on a long weekend? What ever you decide to do, stop and smell the flowers and make the best of it!

Hogs and kisses XOXO Bacon


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