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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
Most of the time, I live in a cage. Sometimes I lick the side of my cage to see what the taste of freedom tastes like. I don’t think it’s the same. So, tell me friend. What does freedom taste like outside of a cage. Signed Freedom Licker
Dear Freedom Licker,
With freedom comes rules and responsibilities. There are house standards that have to be maintained. For instance, no chewing the carpet or tasting the purr things. Those things are frowned upon. Other than that, it’s pretty sweet to roam in my hacienda.

Dear Bacon,
I heard you like carrots as much as I do. Thought this picture would get your mouth salivating and give you dreams. Signed What’s Up Doc

Dear What’s Up Doc,
We could be besties. I love me some carrots. I would be in pig heaven!

Dear Bacon,
Are you ready for some football? Signed Mouse Tracks
Dear Mouse Tracks,
My family has a long history with football. I’m particularly fond of the Razorbacks. Go figure.




Dear Bacon,
I’ve heard you talk about your bubble baths. I thought I would try it. You’re right. They are so relaxing. Signed Rubber Duck Dog
Dear Rubber Duck Dog,
I don’t think I mentioned rubber ducks in my bath but hey whatever destresses you – go for it!

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Prep Night for Food

At night, I run around the house when mom gets home from the worky place.  Last night was an exceptional fun time.  After dinner and washing the dishes, mom prepped my food for the next two weeks.  This is *always* a fun time for me.  I get to be her sous chef while she works with my food. 🙂  You don’t want to miss this quality mommy piggy time!

She starts off washing my seedless grapes.  Those things are sinfully delicious.  She pats them dry and sometimes one or two may fall on the floor right in front of me.  Funny how that happens.  She pulls all of the magnificent grapes off of their stems, puts them in one of my containers and puts it in the magical food box.  Last night, one of them rolled under the kitchen table.  Mom was laughing because all she could see was my little butt shaking in the air trying to go for the grape.  I’m glad I was such amusement for her.

Then mom preps my carrots.  Mom says that I *must* have been a bunny in a former life because I LOVE my carrots.  They are also scrumptious.  She cuts all of them in tiny matchbox sticks and puts them in my giant ziplock baggie.  Of course, I get to try some, you know for quality purposes.  These also go in the magical food box.

Then mom does my salad mix.  I’ve never seen such huge heads of lettuce before.  She cuts it all up in tiny bite size pieces and puts it in two of my giant ziplock bags.  And, of course, for quality purposes I get to try some.  I have to make sure that it tastes good, right?  Again, this goes in the magic food box.


Lastly, mom fixes my favorite… okay all of them are my favorites.  My favorite though is the personal size watermelon.  Thud.  I really do love me some watermelon – from the juice, the melon and the rind.  They are divine.  She cuts all of my melon up, including the rind, and puts it in two of my canisters.  I of course get to try it… for quality assurance.  I did see dad in there last night trying it as well for quality assurance.  See, everyone wins during prep night.  She puts this in the big magic food box and she’s done for the next two weeks. 


Of course, I eat other things as well but these are all snack and supplements to my piggy chow.  There is the occasional apple mom cuts up for me.  And then there is popcorn night!  Who doesn’t like popcorn night?  I can hear that corn popping on the stove all the way in my bedroom.  I’ll come running down the hall to get to the kitchen on popcorn night. 

After all of this quality assurance during prep night, I disappeared while mom was cleaning the kitchen.  She finally found me though.  I was curled up hiding in my blankie on the couch. My belly was so nice and warm… and full.


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