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My Mom Loves Me –

Okay, turn on your sounds to your computer and get your tissues out.  Mommy made this for me this past weekend.  The first time she showed me and daddy, we cried like big babies.  You have to tell me what you think.  I *think* she loves me.  Say you?




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Yoga – Really?

For some reason, I’ve gotten a lot of mail lately expressing the benefits of yoga. I’ve seen mom do some and I’ve watched it on television. A lot of people have said the benefits of it range from core balancing to stress relaxation. Me and stress? The only thing I stress about is my next meal and watching the clock for it – LOL. And core balancing… Have you seen this belly? They don’t call me a miniature pot BELLY pig for no reason – giggles.

So with all of that said, let’s share some pictures that people have sent me.

Now I’m really impressed with this pooch. Look at the balance he has acquired. It’s amazing!

Another pooch that I’m greatly impressed with. All of that balance with one foot – wow!

I’m not even going to ask what position this is. I do find it intriguing that they can do that. They must be using a lot of balance from their trunk. I’m impressed.

Okay. I’ve seen everything now. And no, I’m not going to be posting a picture of myself doing yoga. I know you’re disappointed. My body doesn’t allow me to do such wonderful moves. But, I am impressed with everyone’s emails. Thanks so much and keep them coming!

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