I’m Not Big – I’m Fun Size

21 Sep

Lot’s of people make comments that they think I’m big.  I’m not big.  I’m just fun size.  As you can see from this picture, I’m not that much bigger than my purr brother Hemi.  Mom refers to my size as that of a small dog.  I’m still manageable.  I only weigh 35 pounds.  That’s small compared to full size piggies – they can get way over 200 pounds!   As long as I can still jump and snuggle in mom’s arms, I’m never too big.  I still do this often.  I get all warm and cozy.  She pets my back and snuggles with me.  She tells me how much she loves me.  I’m 1 but I still like to have reassuarnce from my mommy.  How could you say no to this cute little face? 

So you see, compared in size, I’m still a cute little piglet. What do you think?




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This piggy would love to snort with you :)

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