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Ready, Set, GO

20120920-104240.jpgYou’ve heard me talk about my blankie in the past.  I love my blankie!  Blankie used to be mom’s.  It got old and ragged – then it became perfect for me.  It’s Egyptian cotton so it’s a soft and comfy, feels almost like silk on my little hooves.  I drag blankie up and down the hallway, in my room, all over the front room and mom will wrap me up in it like a pigburrito sometimes when I get on the couch with her.  It’s my special blankie. 

Last night, I had it in the front room playing with it.  I took my little snout and pulled it from all directions so it was spread all over the front room floor.  I grunted and barked at it and It took me a while to do it but once it was done, it was perfect for what I had in mind.  Mom and dad silently watched from the couch laughing at me. 

Then once everything was in position, I went to my room.  Curious looks were upon the parents faces.  They could hear my little hooves walking around my room.  I could hear them questioning my next move.  I just giggled to myself.  Then I turned into a powerful Tasmanian Devil and spinned around like a tornado.  I go up enough thrust, ran out of my room, down the hall and flung my body on my sheet…. and slid all the way across it into the entertainment center.  Giggles – that Egyptian cotton is pretty slick.  It was a heck of a trip.  I got up, shook my head and body off a bit and padded on back down to my room for a do over. 

Again, I ran around my room building thrust.  I ran out of the door and down the hall and flung my body on the sheet again… and slid all the way across into one of my toy boxes.  This is fun.  I got up, shook my head and body off a bit and padded back down to my room for a third try. 

I ran around my room barking and grunting (I thought the sound effects would help this time with the thrust) 🙂  Ran out of my room, down the long hallway, tripped and fell on the blankie.  Darn, premature jump on the blankie.  Trotted back to my room. 

Barked, grunted, ran around my room, out the bedroom door, down the hall and jumped on my blankie.  Slid across the sheet, hit the television tray, knocked dad’s drink off which fell on top of me, took a bath, shook my head and body and that was enough excitement for the night.  Jumped on the couch with mom breathing heavy from the excitement and went to sleep. 

So what is the moral of this adventure.  When you’re bored, get a slick sheet.  What, you thought there would be something more?  I’m a pig – I live for fun.



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Food That Looks Familiar

I’m hungry this morning.  I’m surfing the net and I’ve come across all kinds of yum concoctions made in the shape of me.  Let’s take the trip together shall we…

First of all –

Piggy bread – mmm.  Doesn’t this look awesome enough to eat?  I don’t really think it would take much for mom to do either.  I’m going to have to speak with her to see if she can replicate it this weekend.  I’m sure she has a can of biscuits laying around somewhere in the magical food box in the kitchen.



And who doesn’t love cake and cupcakes?  I think these cupcakes are adorable with little piggies laying on top of them in different positions.  I wonder what they would taste like?  No, that’s not eating my own kind – that’s cake!  Snicker – Do you see those cute little tails?  The person that made these are genius! 



And check out these two cupcakes.  As soon as I saw them, I knew immediately where they came from.  I love that story!  There are some very creative people in this world! 

So, have I made you hungry this morning as well?






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