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Speak Like a Pirate Day

Did you know that today was Speak Like a Pirate Day? I didn’t either until this afternoon. I saw on television where certain places were offering free meals if you dressed and talked like a pirate. I think I’m cute. I think I could have done it.

“Me name be Bacon. I come from a long line o’ want t’ be pirates. Give me some grub and I’m all yours. ”


What did you think? Could I pass? ūüôā


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Good Pig vs Bad Pig

Momma tells me that I’m like a regular kid.¬† I have good days and bad days – other words I can be a good pig or a bad pig.¬† With this weather trying to decide what it wants to do, I have been a little ill pig lately.¬† Being in the south, mom says it gets like this.¬† It needs to stay cool for a while so I can hibernate.¬† But no, it bounces back and forth.¬† Some days I think it’s time to settle in and then it turns out hot and I don’t know what to do.¬† Pick a season please…. you’re confusing this little piggy.

The past couple of nights, I can’t settle.¬† Usually after mom and dad eat, mom lets me back out of my room while she does the dishes.¬† After the dishes, I then snuggle down with mom on the couch.¬† The past couple of nights, I can’t make up my mind if I want to go to bed or snuggle.¬† And then of course, this gets me in trouble because I tend to hang out in the hallway when I’m undecided.¬† And yes, I may cause a little trouble in the hallway.¬† There’s this one place in the carpet that draws my attention.¬† I like to pull it up.¬† I *know* this drives mom crazy but somedays I just don’t care.¬† Sounds like a regular kid huh?¬† Mom says she’s going to replace the carpet one day and I’m just trying to help her out.¬† She just doesn’t want me messing with it because she thinks I’ll get hurt.¬† I’m a big boy now.¬† I won’t get hurt.

Last night, I was in the hallway all undecided again.¬† I know messing with the carpet is wrong.¬† As soon as mom hears me she will tell me to leave it alone.¬† I know I’m still good because she’s sitting down.¬† It’s when I hear her get up from the couch that I know I’m in trouble.¬† I then step away from the carpet and look at her all innocent and sweet like, “Who me?”¬† Nah, she doesn’t fall for that innocent and sweet look anymore either.

Last night I stepped in the threshold of my bedroom.¬† She walked down the hall and was fussing at me as she fixed the carpet.¬† She told me I had two choices.¬† (1) settle down in the front room or (2) go to bed.¬† I didn’t like either choice so I barked at her.¬† That was probably where my mistake started.¬† That’s like talking back to your mother in human.¬† It just kind of popped out and she didn’t like that.¬† She told me to check myself and reached down to pet my head.¬† That’s where I made my second mistake.¬† I grunted at her and jumped at her.¬† I’m not sure who was more surprised, mom or me.

Mom looked at me.  I looked at mom.  She a step towards me.  I jumped towards her again and grunted.  At this point, she knew I was playing and I knew she was playing.  We kept bouncing back and forth grunting at each other.  Thank goodness I came to my piggy senses and played with her.  So  you see, I have good pig/bad pig days and I lose my mind just like a regular kid.  This situation could have went real bad real fast but I know who feeds and takes care of my little butt. 

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