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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
You always talk about getting a pig massage. I took your advice and this little puss went to the spa. Oh my goodness!? What a fantastic time it was. It was so relaxing. I was so stress free by the time I got home. Thanks so much! Signed Happiness
Dear Happiness,
I’m glad you enjoyed it. You look like you are really stress free in this picture. I’m going to have to see if mom will take me to a spa.



Dear Bacon,

I’ve seen your famous picture next to the Pepsi can. I myself prefer Coke 🙂 I thought I would share my famous picture. And, I’m still this size. Signed Taco Barky

Dear Taco Barky,
Awesome. I love these size comparison pictures. You’re a cute little thing!






Hey Pig,
Nah nah pooh pooh!

Dear Hemi,
I’m telling mom. Leave me alone. You’re jealously is showing again.





Dear Bacon,
We read about you running through the house and exercising. We thought we would take up some kind of form if exercising as well. We liked pole dancing. What do you think? Signed Dancing Twins

Dear Dancing Twins,
Yeah, that’s what they mean by pole dancing. Y’all just work that pole and have fun.




Dear Bacon,
I had to show you this picture of my son. They say small things come in cute packages. They were right with you and my Henry. Isn’t he the cutest little ass you’ve ever seen? Signed Proud Momma

Dear Proud Momma,
Yep you are right. He is the cutest ass I’ve ever seen. Congrats!

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