My Saturday

17 Sep

Saturday was the big day… My 1st birthday. The purr things were right about mom and birthdays. She is very sentimental.

Mom actually got up before me Saturday. She woke me up and served me breakfast in bed. She sung happy birthday to to this little piggy. We then had mommy piggy time like we did when I was a piglet. She sat on my floor and I crawled up in her lap. It was great memories. She was talking about when I was a baby and she was crying. It was a happy cry. I kind of teared up myself at some things.

Mom and dad had to run out for a bit but when they came back – wow! Dad got me the coolest balloon. It looked kind of familiar. What do you think?

It was really fun to play with. I could pull on the string, the balloon would come down, and then when I let go of the string it would pop back up to the ceiling. Even the purr things wanted to play with it. It actually kind of wore all of us out by playing with it.

For dinner, mom fixed some of my favorites. She is so creative in the kitchen. She fixed my pancakes and a big bowl of all of my favorite fruit like strawberries, watermelon, grapes and bananas. Aaawww – I was in piggy heaven. Here are pictures:



It was such a super day for me. I would like to thank a few people. If it wasn’t for my natural parents, I would not be here with my adopted parents. So, I would like to say thank you to my natural mom and dad, Bertha and Champ.





I think of you often and love you very much. As you can tell though, I also love my adopted mom and dad. They are very good to me and I’m one lucky little pig. I haven’t been with them a year yet, soon though, but it seems like forever.

My birthday was also another special day. It was my mom and dads anniversary. They said it was their 24th. Now that is a long time! They said they waited a long time for me. Love to mom and dad.


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