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It Started With a Pig Massage

Mommy can touch me in a certain place on my side and BAM I’m down for the count like a wrestler in the ring. I’m a sucker for a good belly rub and piggy massage. I can’t help it. Could you?

Tonight I got something more. I’m not sure if I enjoyed it or hated it. I should have known that something was up when both mom and dad sat on the floor and called me over. I went over reluctantly.

Mom touched my sweet spot on my side and I fell over like a sack of potatoes. She started with small strokes down my side and went up under my double chins 🙂 I couldn’t help it. It was silently hypnotizing me into a peaceful place.

That’s when things switched up. Dad started petting me. Mom started touching my hooves. This was new, getting a double massage. It felt so good that I didn’t care.

Then I started hearing this metallic clip clip sound. It was coming through a dark tunnel of my hypnotic state. Mom was still holding my hooves, different feet here and there. I just couldn’t place what she was doing.

I was down for probably around ten minutes before my attention span was gone and I had to get up. Mom gave me some treats and said I was a good piggy. She said that she has started my manicure and pedicure. It didn’t hurt. She didn’t get to trim them all but she said she would work on them again some more tomorrow.

Man it’s a lot of work to keep looking this good!


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