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Popcorn Treat

Mmm popcorn. Don’t you just love it? It’s one of my all time favorite treats. I know the tin that mom keeps my miniature popcorn bags in. I know the sound that tin makes when mom opens the can. I also know the sound of the microwave door and the sound of the kernels popping.

I know it so well that I can be all the way down the hall in my room and recognize the sound. I’ll hear it and come running down the hall to the kitchen. I know it’s my bedtime treat.

I just can’t get enough. I don’t get it every night but when I do – aaww I love it. Here’s a pic that mommy took of me tonight chowing down in my popcorn.



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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
We love to battle. We were made to battle. We’re actually pets too and not food. People don’t look at us as cute but we actually do have a sense of humor. We may not be cuddle buddies but people do look at us with this wondrous look on their face. Signed Lobster Buds

Dear Lobster Buds,
I hate to be the piggy of bad news. That wondrous look is probably people salivating at the thought of you in their belly. I know I had my moment. People have a lot if different pets. Perhaps a bit of advice? Drop the utensils in battle. You’re just giving people ideas… Like you come with eating utensils.

Dear Bacon,
I was watching a nature show at the zoo. What? Of course bears watch television. Anyway, it was about frogs. I’m fascinated on everything about them. I especially like the way they sit. I think it’s awesome. I also think I have perfected it. What do you think? Signed Crouching Frog Bear

Dear Crouching Frog Bear,
Perhaps you need to change that channel to Dr Phil, Dr Oz or some other doctor show. You’re a bear. Bears are suppose to be … well bears not frogs. If you want to play frog, do it after the zoo closes. While the zoo is open, let your inner bear shine.


Dear Bacon,
Me and my friend Bird have a wonderful game that we play. He comes down from the majestic sky, we grab on to each other and then I kitty dive. It’s a blast! We have so much fun. Next time you’re in town, come fly with us. Signed Flying Puss


Dear Flying Puss,
Hey if this is your favorite pastime and you two trust each other, go for it. As far as flying pig, I’ll pass. There are downfalls to me flying. One thing, I weigh a lot more. Another thing, I think others world look at me as food. 🙂 happy flying.


Dear Bacon,
I say we start a campaign about eating more chicken. Between the two of us, I think it would be awesome! Just think of what we can do for our kind. Signed Moo Moo

Dear Moo Moo,
I think that might catch on, “Eat More Chicken”. It’s like I’ve heard it before in my head! Start the campaign!

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